Sylvia and Melvin, 2 Oct 09, Mandarin Oriental (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Ming’s thoughts: 私奔到月球 想到結婚 大概沒幾個人會聯想到私奔吧? 可我喜歡私奔。 喜歡它所象徵的浪漫自由。 也喜歡它的省事。 而如果是私奔到月球的話, 那更添唯美了。 結婚 可以有很多形式。 但不論什麽形式,都有它美好感人的地方。 參加過不多不少的婚禮。 每次當我以爲應該麻木的時候, 卻還是感動了。 這一次也不例外。 其實不論婚禮怎樣 重要的是之後的人生。 我想 兩個人縂要恩恩愛愛地白頭偕老 才對得起這樣一個燦爛的開始。 Sylvia and Melvin knew each other at the tender age of 13! Love blossomed after 4 years of friendship and the rest, as they say, is history.Band: Jun Xiong, Hui Ming & Kenny L-R: Jun Xiong, Melvin, Sylvia, Hui Ming, KennyRepertoire: Tonight I Celebrate My Love, A Whole New World, In Love With You, 恋爱频率, 私奔到月球, 关于爱情,…

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Josephine and Kelvin, 30 Sep 09, Conrad (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: The Right Person Here’s why I believe Josephine and Kelvin are made for each other: “Being together for 10 years was not easy. We had our disagreements at times. But we never abandoned each other. We will talk things through if we are unhappy with each other. Tolerance, forgiveness, open and honest communication are important factors which bring us closer. We often encourage each other, support each other all the way (though sometimes one of us knows…

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Christopher and Christine, 29 Sep 09, Conrad (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s: You’ve Got A Friend An enjoyable night of music, smiles, laughter and dancing children. Performing at Christopher and Christine’s wedding was, for me, a gathering of friends. Imelda and Serene (a close friend of Christopher’s, and a wedding guest) have known each other for years, so they spent time after our sound check to catch up. Serene also told me what a caring guy Christopher was, back when they knew each other through Orientation camp at the University.…

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Patrick and Hera, 14 Jun 09, Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s thoughts: Lucky Patrick and Hera’s wedding was held at the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel. This unique venue definitely set me, and I am sure their guests in the right mood to attend a wedding with it’s stylish architecture, vast spaces, modern decor, and glimpses of natural light peeking into the hotel’s interior. As the evening went on, I soon pieced together how this venue must hold a special place in Patrick and Heras’ hearts. The first clue was…

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(Wedding) Silas and Gynn, 8 Dec 08, Grand Ballroom, Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: When My Heart Is Full Silas fell hard for Gynn when they were both studying in University. It could be because of Gynn’s athletic prowess on the basketball court. I’m sure the leggy beauty had a gaggle of admirers and suitors, so what tipped the balance in Silas’ favour? Before the banquet began, he admitted to me in mock dismay that he took a while to make his move on Gynn because he wasn’t a looker. But,…

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(Corporate) Gala Dinner for Kanto Kagaku Singapore Pte Ltd, 14 Oct 08, Millenia Room, Ritz Carlton

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Yuki No Hana (Snowflower) I was honoured to be invited to perform at Kanto Kagaku Singapore Pte Ltd’s Gala dinner, all thanks to one of the staff who attended a friend’s wedding, because he had heard our band in action then! Singing for a Japanese company usually means I have to sing Japanese songs to a roomful of Japanese. Till date, I still have to fight the jitters singing Japanese songs! Luckily all went well (kudos also to…

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