mandai orchid garden

Vicky and Jasper, 13 Dec 09, Mandai Orchid Garden (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: Ice Cream I love the beautiful setting of Mandai Orchid Garden, which is certain to give any couple their dream wedding. With the beautiful orchids surrounding the dinner venue, guests could mingle with one another in a relaxed atmosphere or take their families out for a walk among the flowers. It is truly a treat for the eyes and soul! Upon arriving at the dinner venue, the band was immediately warmly welcomed by the lovely bridal couple and…

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Beng Yang and Sian Li, 5 Dec 09, Mandai Orchid Garden (Wedding Live Band)

Audrey’s thoughts: 我是你的垃圾车 If you had a chance, will you choose to be a “Bun Soh Qia” (hokkien for 垃圾车)? Newly-wed Beng Yang and Sian Li don’t mind being one at all, because they want to tell each other “虽然你脾气坏 对待朋友又差 凸槌又更爱牵拖 佳在你遇到我 不爱计较的我 算你坏人有好命 我走路你坐车 你吃饭我洗碗 你被欺负我拼命 若为了爽到你 可以艰苦到我 因为 咱缘分不可散 有你 我才未孤单 有你的陪伴 我才有靠山 你若不爽 我是你的垃圾车 每天 听你的心声 有你 我才未孤单 有你的陪伴 我才有靠山 你若欢喜 我是你的垃圾车 每天 为你唱歌” Yes, 垃圾车 was actually the song they chose for their second march…

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(Wedding) Lawrence and Wendy, 31 Aug 08, Mandai Orchid Garden

Serene’s thoughts: 小夫妻 (Little Couple) It is a wonderful feeling to spend a Sunday morning amongst lush greenery and beautiful orchids. Lawrence and Wendy held their solemnization and wedding lunch banquet at the lovely Mandai Orchid Gardens 31 August 2008, and I am sure like myself, their guests walked away with a beautiful and unique experience. The couple exchanged their vows in a little tentage surrounded by the tranquil of the gardens. After the solemnization ceremony, guests were encouraged to…

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