Grand Copthorne Waterfront Galleria Wedding

Jessica & Andrew, 28 Oct 18, Grand Copthorne Waterfront (Galleria) (Wedding Live Band/Emcee)

One of the highlights in Jessica and Andrew‘s relationship has to be Andrew’s proposal to her. The proposal was scheduled to happen in a hotel room in Penang (Jessica was supposed to realise it only after walking into the room). In particular, she noted that the hotel staff who helped to check them in and bring them to their room was very friendly. However, Andrew in all his great planning, never imagined the flight to be delayed by 2-3 hours,…

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Chijmes Hall Wedding Live Band Bilingual Emcee

Thomas & Joys, 28 Oct 18, Chijmes Hall (Wedding Live Band & Emcee)

Who would have thought that your future mother-in-law could be your partner in crime for your wedding proposal? That happened to Thomas. Thomas’ proposal to Joys was done on their trip to Melbourne. They had engaged a local tour to the Great Ocean Road and before the trip, Thomas had done the homework of liaising with the guide on where and how he wanted the proposal to happen (on a beach at one of the pit stops). The day arrived…

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Grand Hyatt Residences Wedding Live Band Emcee

Serena, 21 Oct 18, Grand Hyatt Residences (Wedding Live Band)

Thank you Serena for engaging Phoebee (vocals) & Kevin (vocals & guitar) to be your wedding live band entertainment! We were blown away by the splendour at Grand Hyatt Residences. Check out the photos below:   Repertoire: Rewrite the stars (The Greatest Showman OST) – 1st march-in 小情歌 – 2nd march-in Perfect Beautiful in white Sugar Can’t help falling in love All of me A thousand years Can you feel the love tonight What makes you beautiful Nothing’s gonna change…

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Lewin Terrace Wedding Live Band Music Emcee

Xing Tong & Alfred, 7 Oct 18, Lewin Terrace (Wedding Live Band / Music)

It was such a fun afternoon celebrating the union of Xing Tong and Alfred! L-R: Bevlyn (vocals), Xing Tong & Alfred, Kevin (guitar & vocals) I’ve always loved Lewin Terrace, I mean, look at this: But to reach the restaurant, you have to walk up this tall and long flight of stairs (in heels for me) And celebrate the completion of thigh exercise when we reach the top with this view: Check out this vintage corner upon arrival: And find…

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Park Royal @ Beach Road, Sky Ballroom Wedding Live Band Emcee

Jolene & Edmund, 6 Oct 18, Park Royal @ Beach Road (Sky Ballroom) (Live Wedding Band/Emcee)

Edmund shared that Jolene really loves to take thrilling rides, and so one of the surprises he sprung on her involved bringing her to G-max in Clarke Quay.  He brought her there blindfolded with ear-pieces on. Once they reached the Gmax area, her blind fold was removed, and the next moment she knew it, they were already on the way up the sky!  Here’s wshing Edmund and Jolene plenty of joy and happiness in the ups and downs of life, and…

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Villa Halia Wedding Live Band Emcee Music

Ken & Michelle, 6 Oct 18, Villa Halia (Wedding Live Band/ Emcee)

Ken & Michelle got one of our best band combinations with our multi-talented Ywenna & Jee Yon – Ywenna to sing and play the piano, and Jee Yon to sing and double up as bilingual wedding emcee! L-R: Ywenna (vocals & piano), Michelle & Ken, Jee Yon (vocals & emcee) Villa Halia is tucked in a splendid part of the Botanical Gardens, easily accessible to the public. As we walk along to the sights of the lush green, we suddenly…

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Cheng Xiang and Joyce, 6 Oct 18 @ Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel (Wedding Live Band/Emcee)

Cheng Xiang and Joyce must really love nature a lot, for their wedding decor transported everyone to a garden setting though it was held at the posh and elegant Straits Room. Check out the similarity between their photo montage and their ballroom decor :   The couple had their marriage  solemnised right in front of their beloved families and friends and immediately everyone rejoiced by tucking in to the feast:     Song request sheets flew in shortly after Yokez…

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Sharon & Kelvin, 29 Sept 18, Tien Court (Copthorne King Hotel) (Wedding Live Band/Emcee)

Mary (vocals & emcee), Isaac (guitar + vocals) Kelvin met Sharon under the most peculiar circumstance – he was her driving instructor  11 years ago. The couple had Sharon’s sister Esther to thank – the driving centre’s system was down the day she passed the test, so Sharon had to make a special trip down another day to collect her sister’s licence on her behalf. And as fate would have it, that was when Sharon and Kelvin met each other…

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S.E.A Aquarium Wedding Live Band

Macus & Alicia, 30 Sept 18 @ S.E.A Aquarium (Wedding Live Band)

We are always so happy to perform at this break-taking aquarium – I imagine it must be pure joy for the guests to look at schools of fish while enjoying a great meal, and live music in this occasion by Bevlyn (vocals), Sharon (piano), Melvin (guitar). Here’s some photos for your enjoyment: What made the wedding so memorable and special was the bride and groom ‘singing in’! Macus and Alicia claimed that they were so busy to prepare and rehearse…

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Marina Bay Sands Heliconia Junior Ballroom Wedding

Simon & Joey, 29 Sept 18, Marina Bay Sands (Heliconia Junior Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band & Bilingual Emcee)

You will find it incredible, but it is true – Simon and Joey got to know each other through Facebook accidentally.. because Joey thought that Simon was her ex-colleague! Fast forward to their wedding day, Joey’s father walked her down the aisle to the song ‘Marry Your Daughter’ (Brian McKnight), before passing her over to Simon at the end of the aisle. Check out the lyrics of the song, it is exactly that, a man asking for the hand of…

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The Rock Shangri-la Sentosa Beach Wedding Live Band Music Emcee

Yvonne & Peiyi, 29 Sept 18, The Rock (Shangri-la Sentosa) (Wedding Live Band / Emcee)

A picture speaks a thousand words, and here we have a few: Check out how cute the couple is! L-R: Huibing (emcee + vocals), Yvonne & Peiyi, Fatt (one-man band) Huibing taking a selfie against the backdrop of the sea… Our view from the band.. Thank you Yvonne and Peiyi for engaging Huibing & Fatt to be your wedding emcee and live band! Congratulations and here’s wishing you many bountiful kids soon! Check out Huibing and Fatt‘s performances (scroll down…

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Opening Launch of Wisteria Mall, 28 Jul – 5 Aug 18 (Corporate Live Band)

If you live in Yishun, you would have known by now of this new mall that sits in the middle of the neighbourhood! Wisteria Mall features a good variety of shops that cater to the residents nearby… and we were thrilled to be a part of their opening celebrations that spanned over 2 weekends! With Justin helming the guitar, we had singers coming in on different days to entertain the shoppers. Yokez performed Chinese pop, Khim performed English Top40s while…

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Downtown East

Party Together 2018 – Empathy Challenge, 14 Jul 18 @ Downtown East, D’ Marquee (Corporate Live Band)

Band: Isaac (vocals & guitar), Cheryl (singer) Thank you Party Together 2018 for engaging Isaac (vocals & guitar) and Cheryl (vocals) to perform at this special event. It was a fun crowd and we were thrilled to entertain them with our ‘live’ music. It’s not easy to perform songs in 5 languages but we did it! (See below for repertoire). And special thanks to emcee Feifei for making the evening SO FUN! Repertoire: More than I can say Top of…

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Village Changi Hotel Wedding Ballroom

Angie & Kwan Ming, 9 Jun 18, Village Changi Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Phoebee (vocals & emcee), Dayvid (Guitar), Selwyn (violin) Is 11 years a long duration for you? It would be, especially if it is part of your growing up years when you experience many changes from adolescence to adulthood. Angie and Kwan Ming dated for 11 years, from a year after they graduated from secondary school, and they never looked back! They opted to have their wedding celebration at the snazzy Village Changi Hotel: L-R: Angie & Kwan Ming Thank…

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conrad centennial singapore wedding menu

Edna & Yizhong, 20 May, 18, Conrad Centennial Singapore (Wedding Live Band & Emcee)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Edna and Yizhong got to know each other through a short mission trip to Hanoi, and they continued to stay in touch, and know each other better through a volunteer program to visit old folks staying in subsidized public rental housing. This reminded me of another couple who got to know each other through volunteer work. Isn’t this such a great way to get to know people who have big big hearts? 🙂 We love this HUGE light decor…

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David & Yoke Yee, 11 May 18, Sofitel City Centre (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Bevlyn (vocals & emcee), Jixiang (guitar), Hongxuan (violin) It was our first time performing at Sofitel City Centre… because the hotel is rather brand new given that it opened only in November 2017 (6 months ago!) The ballroom has a huge reception area with very tall ceilings… .. and a very modern design for the ballroom: And here’s the menu for the day! We love this huge VIP table…. David had proposed to Yoke Yee on a yacht.. and…

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Furama Riverfront Wedding

Leonard & Lina, 5 May 18, Furama Riverfront Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Bevlyn (vocals, emcee), Kevin (guitar), Ivan (saxophone) Thank you Leonard & Lina for entrusting us with their wedding emceeing and live music entertainment! L-R: Ivan (saxophone), Bevlyn (vocals & emcee), Leonard & Lina, Kevin (guitar) And here’s a wedding march-in song that we highly recommend: Repertoire: 1. Beautiful In White – 1st march 2. Eternal Flame 3. Inside your heaven 4. Lost in your eyes 5. Nothing’s gonna change my love 6. Now and Forever 7. You’re still the…

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Utracon Fullerton Singapore

Utracon’s 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner, 21 Apr 18 @ Fullerton Hotel Singapore (Grand Ballroom) (Corporate Live Band)

Band: Yokez (vocals), Erick (Piano & Vocals), Jixiang (Guitar) We are thrilled to be invited back 5th times in a row to perform at Utracon’s anniversary gala dinner! And here’s a quick peek of the well-spread out cocktail reception at Fullerton Hotel Singapore: This year round, we have sweet Yokez helm the lead vocals, and Erick on piano and vocals, and jixiang on guitar. Check out the glitzy lights on the ceiling! Congratulations to Utracon on the 20th year milestone.…

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Marriott Singapore Live Band

Louis & Shirlyn, 21 Apr 18 @ Marriott Hotel Singapore (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Jeremy (vocals), Ariane (vocals & guitar) We love this rustic-vintage theme at Louis and Shirlyn’s wedding: And check out this huge reception area at Marriott’s Grand Ballroom: Louis & Shiryn had selected Jeremy and Ariane to be paired together for their wedding performance. The duo complimented each other very well with their powerful and sultry voices. Check out a few of their renditions here: (Ariane on guitar & vocals, Jeremy on vocals) We had such a lovely time performing…

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Sea Scent Keppel Club

Kell & Jeurgen, 7 Apr 18, Sea Scent (Keppel Club) (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Khim (vocals & emcee), Cheng (guitar), Ridzuan (cajon) It couldn’t have been easy planning for not just a mixed marriage (with cultural differences and all that jazz), but especially so if you are not even residing in Singapore some of the times. But Kell and Jeurgen pulled the whole celebration off beautifully when the families and friends gathered at Sea Scent (Keppel Club) for this celebration of a lifetime. It was our first time performing at Sea Scent, and…

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