(Wedding) Frederick and Sarina, 5 Dec 08, Ocean Ballroom, Pan Pacific

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You Had Me From Hello Singing at Frederick and Sarina’s wedding must count as one of my wedding career highlights. Not only did we have a great response from the crowd, I got to meet three other couples who had engaged me for their weddings earlier. It all started when Angela and Ferris engaged me to sing for their celebration at Goodwood Park. Frederick, Ferris’ brother, had already thought about approaching me to sing for his wedding.…

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(Wedding) Amanda and Si Guan, 30 Nov 08, Marina Mandarin

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 給我你的愛 (Give Me Your Love) Meeting Gary and Faith at Amanda and Si Guan’s wedding was a boon, as they helped to shed some light into how the couple met. Gary said, “They knew each other as colleagues. But the relationship started only after Si Guan left the company. Apparently the office was a “breeding ground” for relationships because that’s how Faith and I got to know each other too!” Faith added, “Si Guan takes great care…

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(Wedding) Joanne and Alexis, 28 Nov 08, Holiday Inn Parkview

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: When I’m 80 I’d love to be in Alexis’s shoes when his wife, Joanne, said to him, “Thank you for being my everything. When you proposed, I said yes because I knew you’re a good person, and that you’d take good care of me for the rest of my life.” It was such an honest delivery I couldn’t help but be touched. Alexis was so moved he could not speak but he pumped his fist up in…

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(Wedding) Lydia and Anthony, 26 Nov 08, Swissotel Merchant Court

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 钟爱一生 (Everlasting Love) For Lydia and Anthony’s wedding, I was paired up with one of Lydia’s best friends from secondary school days, Teck Beng. He was the excellent choice to be my co-emcee because knowing the couple himself, he shared with the guests his memories of how the couple came together. He recalled Anthony asking him about Lydia out of the blue one day; then he noticed Lydia’s sudden interest in the World Cup (she was never interested…

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(Wedding) Lilian and Dansen, 23 Nov 08, Tudor Ballroom, Goodwood Park

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Through The Years Lilian and Dansen chose the song Through The Years for their photo montage, which started off with a yellowed photos of the couple’s parents. Those among the audience who knew the couple’s parents from years ago hooted in laughter because they probably never thought they’d see those photographs again. Admittedly, this Kenny Rogers classic is incredibly mushy, but it certainly fits a wedding celebration. …Through the years You’ve never let me down You turned…

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Esther and Jeff, 28 Jun 08, Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Lunch)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80) Earlier this year, Esther had kindly invited me to write a couple of articles for My Paper, and I have always been very thankful for the opportunities. When I got wind that she would like to engage A Little Dream for her wedding, I was thrilled beyond words! It turned out that Jeff loves one of the songs in my EP album titled “失了踪” (Lost), but since it is not a suitable wedding song,…

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Jolene and Morvan, 14 Nov 06, Marriott Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Too Much Heaven Jolene and Morvan Photo from Wai Peng of ahpengpeng’sOkay, I admit it. I was born in the mid ’70s. Which means that the songs Jolene and Morvan chose were those I hummed ad nauseam when I was younger. I mean, who hasn’t tried to imitate the Bee Gees’ falsetto in Too Much Heaven and busted a vein in the process? Gosh, this brings back so many memories. So this is yet another perk of…

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Peter and Casie, 11 Nov 06, Holiday Inn Parkview

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Angels Brought Me Here Peter and Casie Photo taken by Eric Er of Attitude PhotographyWhat I love about wedding singing is the instant gratification. While waiting for the banquet to begin, Casie, the beautiful bride, turned to Hui Bing and said, “I almost cried when I heard you sing! Thank you!” That moment was immensely satisfying for me and the band, because we knew that we touched the hearts of the couple on their wedding day. It…

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Ghim Howe and Vo, 18 Jun 06, Asian Civilisations Museum

ZQ’s thoughts: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You! It’s the night of your wedding, and you’re often so frazzled that hardly anything registers; you feel as if you’re being herded around like sheep, rushed from one place to another. Is this familiar? Thankfully, the above did not apply to Ghim Howe and Vo, who were probably the most charming couple I’d met since I started singing for A Little Dream. They lit up the room with their beautiful smiles and…

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Rayner and Cleo, 20 May 06, Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: I Wanna Make It With You Not all wedding banquets are for young couples who have yet to experience married life. Cleo and Rayner have been married for three years, and have a little baby boy called Asher. The beautiful family: Rayner, Cleo and AsherThe wedding was a cosy one, held in the small but elegant Straits Room, Fullerton Hotel. The decor of the room was opulent and grand, truly an ideal place for intimate gatherings. With only…

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