Jonathan & Yumin , 30 Mar 19 @ JW Marriott (Wedding Singing/ Emcee/ MC)

Jonathan and Yumin‘s wedding proposal was one-of-a-kind as Jonathan went to lengths to make sure that Yumin and their friends and relatives will have a lot to talk about in the years to come. Jonathan had many ideas running but knowing that Yumin is a person who values her privacy, he had to reluctantly trash the flash mob proposal idea and airplane proposal idea from his long list. He wanted a special date with Yumin, so he chose their 1000th…

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Juan & Frederick, 24 Mar 19 @ Holiday Inn City Orchard (Wedding Emcee/ MC)

Congratulations to Juan & Frederick on tying the knot! Frederick and Juan was on holiday trip to Hokkaido when Frederick proposed to her! Amidst the snowy ring on the peak of Mount Tomamu, the proposal warmed her heart and soul despite the cold surroundings. Interestingly enough, the couple met each other through the modern use of dating app and clicked instantaneously, sharing similar interests and hobbies in travelling, cooking, music, and animation. Thank you for having Regine emcee at your…

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Soong & Joreen, 23 Mar 19 @ One15 Marina (Wedding Emcee)

Soong and Joreen‘s love story is truly one of cooking up a love. They first met when Joreen was taking her internship placement at the restaurant where she met her chef, Soong. Ever since then, Soong has been showering Joreen with plenty of love (food). Though both are chefs now (Soong specialises in western cuisine and Joreen in pastry), Joreen admits that she feels blessed to marry Soong because he is usually the one who cooks for them. What a…

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1-altitude wedding One-altitude

Cedric & Jacey, 16 Mar 19 @ 1-Altitude (Wedding Singing/Live Band/Emcee/MC)

Cedric and Jacey‘s romance story is one that depicts distance is no barrier as the couple met through internet as chat buddies initially. Couple months later, Jacey flew down to Singapore to meet up with Cedric and that was when they knew they were both strike by cupid”s bow – they both knew at first sight that the other one was meant for each other. Thereafter, both of them travelled together often: HongKong for mountain climbing, Cameroon Highlands, Strip clubs…

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Martin & Michelle, 30 Dec 18 @ Summer Garden, Safra Mt Faber (Wedding Emcee/MC)

Martin and Michelle‘s wedding was held away from the bustling crowd, nestled within the cooling part of Singapore at Mount Faber Safra. They met each other when they were working in the same company, after the boss played matchmaker. The wedding proposal was sneaked in during a studio photoshoot – the photographer strolled in puzzled with a bouquet in hand and hollered, “Whose bouquet is this? Is it prepared by the studio?” Obviously the bouquet wasn’t part of the shoot’s …

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