Francis and Chew Lian, 26 Dec 2010, Mercury Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Shannon’s Thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Shannon, Nelson, Feri L-R: Feri, Chew Lian, Francis, Nelson, Shannon Repertoire: Just The Way You Are, You’re Still the One, A Whole New World, 你是我最深愛的人 (You’re The One I Love The Most), 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious One), Beauty And The Beast, I Do (Cherish You), 简单爱 (Simple Love), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency), Because You Loved Me, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Forever Love, My Valentine (2nd March In)

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Merlinda and Wee Ming, 15 May 2010, Mercury Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Audrey’s thoughts: So Sweet And Cute… It’s always sweet when couples are willing to tell A Little Dream something about their love life. For this gig, here is what the pretty bride Merlinda shared with us. “We love to watch movies and that is how we started to be together. He proposed by suggesting to get a flat and we got ROM in 2008. He is caring and changed a lot when I first knew him till now. He is…

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Sihui and Hugo, 29 Nov 09, Orchard Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Step by Step There’s a song by Whitney Houston called “Step by Step”, and the lyrics go like this: And there’s a road I have to follow, a place I have to go Well no-one told me just how to get there But when I get there I’ll know Cuz I’m taking it Step by step, bit by bit, Stone by stone (Yeah), brick by brick Step by step, day by day, mile by mile I was…

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