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(Wedding Live Band) Kaay Juan and Su-Anne, 21 Dec 08, Mandarin Oriental

Hui Bing’s thoughts – All I Want For Christmas Is You It was a wedding that I would love to attend as a guest, for the speeches by Su-Anne, Kaay Juan, and their cousins were not only humorous, but also revealed interesting insights into their 13-year long courtship and life. Indeed, as Su-Anne said, “They have the 3 most important things in life – family, friends and love”, it was evident that the couple is very much well-loved by their…

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(Wedding) Cheryl and Stephan, 12 Dec 08, Mandarin Oriental

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Somewhere Over The rainbow According to Stephan’s good buddies Francis and Louis, Stephan had changed from a boy to a man after being with Cheryl for over 2 years that they were dating. And I could tell how in love Stephan was in love with Cheryl; before he was 5 seconds into his speech, a table of great friends behind him started chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”. When he had finished thanking all the important people he needed to…

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(Wedding) Warren and Hui Zhi, 10 Dec 08, Mandarin Oriental

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 只有为你 (Only For You) About two and a half years after dating Hui Zhi, Warren knew she was the one for him. Popping the question was easy, but he wanted to find the right moment. Hence, he asked Hui Zhi’s mum for permission to travel with Hui Zhi to Genting trip on the pretext of celebrating her birthday. They spent an unforgettable day at the Outdoor Theme Park in Genting, queuing up for the rides and exploring…

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(Wedding) Alvin and Jennifer, 5 Dec 08, Mandarin Oriental

Jun Xiong’s thoughts: You’re The Inspiration The wedding season is upon us! I’m due to sing for three weddings in consecutive nights, and the first is Alvin and Jennifer’s wedding at Mandarin Oriental. It was indeed my pleasure to perform for the loving couple. Jennifer was from Hong Kong, and she moved to Singapore a few years ago mainly because of Alvin. Hence, there were two emcees that evening — one who addressed the guests in Cantonese, while the other…

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(Wedding) Geok En and Wei Yang, 16 Nov 08, Mandarin Oriental

Bevlyn’s thoughts: I’m Yours Geok En and I go a long way back to our secondary school days; I was her NCO in NCC, when she was just an innocent cadet in unseasoned and oversized uniforms. 😀 It was definitely a pleasure for me to perform at one of the most important events in her life; it was also a mini-gathering with the other cadets making up a whole table! Needless to say, there was a lot of fascination at…

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(Wedding) Herry and Felicia, 8 Nov 08, Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: I’ll Be Your Everything Halfway through Felicia’s speech, she said something that felt so true, “Herry and I are very humbled to know so many people love us; I really mean it!” Herry and Felicia’s love story started 9 years ago, in The Netherlands, where both of them were studying. After knowing each other for a year, the relationship blossomed, and they got together. But it wasn’t easy keeping them both in the same continent, much less…

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(Wedding) Qin Ying and Lawrence, 2 Nov 08, Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Now and Forever Qin Ying is a faithful reader of this blog, and I was touched when she said to me, “Hsin Yeow, I think I’ll keep reading your blog even after getting married!” Thank you, Qin Ying, for making my day! Lawrence probably read enough of my blog entries of couples who made their weddings special by serenading their spouses. So even though he had to battle gigantic butterflies in his stomach, he bravely went onstage…

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(Wedding) Wei Sing and Grace, 14 Sep 08, Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Endless Love Wei Sing and Grace share a love so effusive and strong, it touches people around them. In their own words: Grace: “I got to know this wonderful guy of mine through Union Camp. Didn’t have a strong impression of him initially; the few times I spoke to him was to ask for bread (I was really hungry while he was an efficient Welfare I/C)! Having known him for nearly 2 years, everyone agrees that WS…

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(Wedding) Shumei and Junhow, 13 Sep 08, Garden Suite, Mandarin Oriental

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Close To You Shumei and Junhow booked the band close to one year ago, and frankly, I am always very touched by couples who try to secure a band early because it shows the importance they place on live music, much like other popular wedding services like photography/videography/bridal studio packages etc. On the evening itself, it warmed my heart to realise it was the couple’s intention to keep everything cosy and simple, like a simple family and close…

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Angie and Alan, 14 Oct 06, Atrium Ballroom, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Crazy Little Thing Called Love When Alan began his thank-you speech, I nearly choked in surprise. He said, “To all my distinguished guests, the freeloaders, and the gatecrashers… thank you for being here.” It was not the typical speech. Alan was a master of deadpan humour, and it showed in the way he delivered punchlines when you least expected it. He also spoke eloquently about his love and gratitude to his mother, and I could see her…

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Charmaine and Brendan, 30 Sep 06, Atrium Ballroom, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Shake Your Bon-Bon! What a good looking couple!Singing for Charmaine and Brendan was akin to attending a reunion party. Brendan was the main coordinator for Jack’s wedding, and he and Charmaine engaged us after listening to our performance. Jack flew all the way back from the US to attend Brendan’s wedding, so I got to see him again. Another familiar face was Sherwin, who was host for both Jack and Brendan. (Sherwin’s a wonderful host, by the…

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Andrea and Euirip, 18 March 2006, Garden Suite, Oriental Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: What’s yum seng in Korean? Andrea’s husband, Euirip, is Korean. So why did they throw a traditional Chinese banquet for their Korean relatives, including the yum seng? It reminded me of Hikaru and Moe Moe’s wedding last month. Hikaru told me he felt that the yum seng part was a very Singaporean thing to do, so he went ahead with it. I was gawking at lovely traditional Korean costumes worn by Euirip’s parents. They looked almost regal. For…

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Joey and Hubert, 10 Jan 06, Garden Suite, Oriental Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: You’re My Brown-Eyed Girl I received a call from Joey about two weeks before her wedding. Although Joey thought she made the call at the very last-minute, she doesn’t hold the record. It probably belongs to Dominic, whom I sung for last year. He contacted me a mere 3 days before his wedding! Back to Joey. She was really easy-going, and so was Hubert. Hubert had only one request: to sing Brown-Eyed Girl. I hadn’t heard the…

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