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Anthony and Vivien, 13 Nov 2010, The Legends, Fort Canning Park (Palm Terrace)

Sofyan’s Thoughts: What A Truly Fun-filled Wedding! Not the usual Chinese wedding dinner style, it was more Western (or Down-Under) influenced wedding, with the good looking bride-and-groom and guests dancing on the dance floor to the mix of slow and upbeat ’60s themed live-band. Nevertheless, they still did the traditional Chinese Yam Seng x 3 (with Shawn’s drum roll). One highlight song must have been "Uptown Girl". In the words of Vivien herself: "Uptown Girl quite describes our relationship at the start, erm,…

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KK and Irene, 27 Sep 09, Palm Terrace, The Legends, Fort Canning Park (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 心愿便利贴 (Wishes On Sticky Notes) I was initially afraid that KK and Irene’s wedding would be affected by the roaring engines from the Singapore Grand Prix, but my fears turned out to be unfounded. No one was even loitering to catch the live action at a projector screen the couple so graciously provided just for their guests. Everyone was there to celebrate the union of KK and Irene, two lovely people who were clearly in love. Their…

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Yvonne and Derick, 21 Mar 09, Palm Terrace, The Legends Country Club (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Best Birthday Present Ever What’s the best birthday present you can think of? Yvonne certainly raised the bar. Listen to her story… “I organised a party to celebrate Derick’s birthday, which falls on National Day. I booked a room at Swissotel The Stamford, and got some friends over to enjoy the fireworks and the fantastic view. Somehow he knew about my plan, but he played along with me and even acted surprised 🙂 That night, he…

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Michelle and Eddie, 3 Jan 09, Palm Terrace, The Legends, Hotel Fort Canning (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: I Had The Time Of My Life The title of this song aptly describes how Junxiong and I felt about performing at Michelle and Eddie’s wedding. It was a beautiful evening with all the right elements in place for an outdoor wedding – a breathtaking pink sunset overlooking Fort Canning Park which greeted guests when they arrive, crystal clear sky and most important of all (especially for Junxiong, who perspires easily), strong cooling breezes. Another reason why…

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(Wedding) Tze Chow and Ivy, 26 Oct 08, Palm Terrace, The Legends Country Club

Jun Xiong’s thoughts: Destiny Destiny, that’s my first thought when I get to know the love story of Tze Chow and Ivy, a 10-yr courting relationship where they finally tie the knot today. This newly weds even had a special animation done up revealing their love story which was never made known to all the wedding guests tonight, including their parents, siblings and best friends. What could be better than “Destiny” to describe how they are meant for each other:…

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(Wedding) Alex and Marie, 20 Sep 08, Palm Terrace, The Legends, Fort Canning

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Thank You For Loving Me Apparently, the best sport to get to know someone better is roller blading. Think of it, if the lady you’re trying to blade with has some difficulty balancing, the most natural thing to do would be to hold her hand! After some hand-holding and chit-chatting, Alex and Marie embarked on a relationship that culminated in a beautiful wedding at the Palm Terrace of The Legends Country Club at Fort Canning. Several things…

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