Chun How and Wan Zhi, 23 May 2010, Panorama Room, Hilton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Lovers Concerto First dates can be horrifying. You’re trying your best to impress, make small talk, and show your date that it’s worthwhile to meet up again. Chun How thought he blew it when he couldn’t tear open a teabag no matter how hard he tried. Red-faced, he summoned a waiter, who – thankfully – faced the same problem and replaced the offensive sachet. Little episodes like these make a courtship so memorable. To entertain their guests,…

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Edmund and Natalie, 14 Nov 09, Panorama Room, Hilton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: I Will Be Here Edmund and Natalie had a novel idea for a walk-in. They wanted to sing a duet. Not just any duet, mind you, but an original song written for a musical. The task of playing the tune fell on James’ capable shoulders. He arranged for Edmund and Natalie to rehearse with him before the wedding to make sure they knew exactly what to do. When I heard the couple’s assured rendition of the song,…

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Chueh Yik and Tze Kheng, 20 Sep 09, Panorama Room, Hilton (Wedding Live Band)

Lim Hui’s thoughts: Close To You I was welcome by some of the most gracious and charming hosts at Hilton Hotel’s Panaroma Room during Chueh Yik and Tze Kheng’s wedding reception on 20 Sept 2009. The dazzling bride, Chueh Yik, was captivatingly sweet and the bridegroom, Tze Kheng, looked all ready to welcome his guests in his stunning suit. Guests of Chueh Yik and Tze Kheng relaxed by the pool during the cocktail reception, while basking in soothing jazz tunes…

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(Wedding) John and Yueng-Lyn, 27 Sep 08, Panorama Room, Hilton

Juliet’s thoughts: You’re Still The One Here’s one of the most interesting weddings I will remember, for various reasons. Working with Clarence again, is definitely a joy since we tend to share similar musical instincts, and I especially appreciate his spontaneity and the adventurous streak in arrangement, offering the songs a unique flavour each and every time we perform a song together. Though young, Ivan surprised me with his improvisational skills, giving the ballads a smoothness to them, and faster…

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