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Regent Hotel Singapore Wedding Ballroom

Joyce & Chris, 22 Dec 19 @ Regent Hotel Singapore (Pavilion) (Wedding Live Band Music/Singer)

Joyce & Chris‘ wedding was a really fun affair…and one of the highlights was definitely the bridal and groom teams’ PK sing-off on 2 songs ‘Lucky’ and ‘A Whole New World, with our guitarist Cheng on music accompaniment. What talented friends Joyce & Chris have! Thank you Joyce & Chris for having Khim (vocals) + Cheng (guitar) for your wedding live band entertainment! We wish you a wonderful new chapter ahead filled with joy and happiness 🙂 Repertoire: 1) When…

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Regent Hotel Singapore wedding live band music singer emcee

Woei Song & Pamela, 14 Dec 19 @ Regent Hotel Singapore (Wedding Live Band Music/Singer/Emcee)

Thank you Woei Song & Pamela for engaging Bevlyn (emcee + vocals) and Edwin (piano) for their wedding entertainment. And we’re thrilled to receive this review by Woei Song:   We also love their selection of song for their 1st march-in (Jay Chou’s Wedding Song):   Congratulations and blessed marriage ahead to Woei Song & Pamela! 🙂 Repertoire: 1st march-in:  Jay Chou Wedding Song (Piano Instrumental) 2nd march-in: Can’t help falling in love How deep is your love Can you feel…

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Regent Hotel SG Wedding Live Band Ballroom

Clarissa & Roger, 2 Dec 18, Regent Hotel (Tanglin Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band & Emcee/MC)

Clarissa & Roger met as colleagues, and though the initial acquaintance was not what most would expect for a couple who is now married,  the few misunderstandings at the beginning actually made their friendship and relationship grew even stronger! Bevlyn was engaged to be their emcee and wedding singer (with Melvin on guitar and drum loop machine). The pair was also happy to take on a spontaneous song request “Devoted To You” by the Everly Brothers. And after a whole…

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Regent Hotel Royal Pavilion Ballroom Wedding Live Band Music

Jennessa & Kenneth, 25 Nov 18, Regent Hotel (Royal Pavilion Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band/Music)

Joy (vocals) & Peh (guitar & vocals) were thrilled to perform at Jennessa & Kenneth‘s wedding celebration at Regent Hotel. Check out their performance here: Our heartiest congratulations to Jennessa & Kenneth! Repertoire: Bruno Mars – Just the way you are -March in song Amy Winehouse – Valerie Boys like Girls – Two is better than one Bruno Mars – Count on me Bruno Mars – Marry you Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye Colbie Calliat – I Do Coldplay – Yellow…

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(Wedding) Aylwin & Jean, 04 June 2011, Regent

L-R: Jeremy, Aylwin, Jean, Renhui & Mei Sheum Band: Jeremy, Renhui & Mei Sheum Repertoire: Bridal March (1st March-in), My Valentine (2nd March-in), Can’t Help Falling in Love, The Gift, Same Side of the Moon, 恋爱频侓 (Frequency of Love), Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You, I Turn to You, For No Reason, 爱很简单 (Love is Simple), Dancing in the Moonlight, When You Tell Me that You Love Me, Inside Your Heaven, Close to You, 小情歌 (Little Love Song), Realise, 约定 (The Promise),…

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(Wedding) Jackson Soh and Jia Ying, 6 Mar 2011, Regent (Royal Pavilion Ballroom)

Jixiang’s Thoughts: 永远爱不完 (Our Love Is Forever) Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. This is especially true for Jackson and Jia Ying, who put in a tremendous amount of effort to create their own J&J’s fairytale wedding. The wedding ceremony kicked start with a cartoon animation of their courtship days. The backing track of the animation was sung none other by the very talented J&J team. Next, their guests were treated to a J&J Wedding Cinema, a…

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Alvin and Kemmy, 25 Sep 2010, Regent Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 感恩的心 (Grateful Heart) Coming soon! Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Ein Ein L-R: Hsin Yeow, Alvin, Kemmy, Bevlyn, Ein EinRepertoire: 花月佳期 (Good Times)(1st March-In), Country Road Take Me Home, Fallen, If I Ain’t Got You, 感恩的心 (Grateful Heart), 当我八十岁 (When I’m 80), 我要你的爱 (I Want Your Love), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Sway, L-O-V-E, 今生今世 (This Life This Eternity), She You Are The Love Of My Life (2nd March-In), Quando Quando Quando, I Finally Found Someone, Tonight…

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Leonard and Livian, 1 Aug 2010, Regent Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts Band: Imelda, Zheng Quan, Clarence, Regi, Niq L-R: Zheng Quan, Imelda, Niq, Leonard, Clarence, RegiPhotos courtesy of Sky Hu. Thanks, Sky! Repertoire: (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Today Was A Fairytale, Cheek To Cheek, Falling For You, Bubbly, You Were There, 至少还有你 (At Least There Is You), Songbird, Time After Time, Hold On, Thank You For Loving Me, When I See You Smile, 每天爱你多一些 (Every Day I Love You More), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), Love Of…

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Yi Han and Wan Wah, 27 Mar 2010, Regent Hotel (Main ballroom) (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered Wan Wah and Yi Han met each other in their NUS school days when they were attending the dental school.  And although they were in the same faculty, Wah Wan and Yihan did not get to see each other much in school due to timetable differences. Hence, Yihan would find excuses to hang around the lab when Wan Wah was having lessons there. On one occasion during Yihan’s final term in school, Wan Wah suddenly popped over…

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Alvinson and Pearlyn, 26 Dec 09, Regent Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 我和你的命中注定 (Our Destiny) Alvinson ups the bar for all grooms. Here’s why: – He approached us in Aug last year (omg more than 1 year from his wedding). – He commissioned our team to pen lyrics for a song which both he and Pearlyn love very much. The song is a commercially released song in Cantonese, and our lyricist revamped the lyrics to Chinese; the content of the lyrics is based on Alvinson and Pearlyn’s love story 🙂…

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Lisel and Stanley, 18 Oct 09, Regent Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Adeline’s Thoughts: Dream A Little Dream Sometimes when the crowd is silent, we often wonder if the crowd is actually listening to us. So we continued merrily as we played and sang our renditions of the various songs. We were quite pleasantly surprised to have people coming up to us, giving us their compliments at the end of our set and asking us for our name cards. *Smiles. When Lisel walked in for her 2nd march-in, the first thing that…

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Shunde and Cynthia, 25 Sep 09, Regent Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Junxiong’s thoughts: One Boy, One Girl Shun De and Cythia is an extremely jovial and lively couple who easily “infects” the guests throughout the night with their warmth and heartiest greetings! Perhaps one would easily understand why as they finally get together only after knowing each other for almost ten years, with 5 yrs of wooing from ShunDe (what I deemed as real perseverance..). On top of that, ShunDe is also a very thoughtful and considerate partner from Cynthia’s accounts.…

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Sereene and Dennis, 2 Aug 09, Regent Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Let There Be Love Every little girl dreams of being rescued out of a tight spot by a knight in shining armour. They marry, and live happily ever after. Sereene (spelled with a double e) found herself in a tight spot when she lost her car key. She couldn’t get into her vehicle, so she whipped out her phone and punched a number for help. As fate would have it, she picked her knight — Dennis! Sereene…

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Wayne and Xiayi, 20 Jun 09, Regent Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Ming’s Thoughts: 花好月圓 (A Beautiful Night) 紅色。 代表熱情。 代表好運。 代表喜氣。 也因爲如此,華人喜歡用紅色做任何喜慶節日的主色。 這一次的婚宴佈置,也是以紅色為主。 紅色的紗布。 紅色的燈籠。 紅色的玫瑰。 一幅喜氣洋洋的樣子。 略帶幾分中國風。 或許有些人會覺得俗氣, 但我個人特別喜歡紅玫瑰。 認爲白色婚紗配上紅色玫瑰是最好看的。 有一點過時了的華麗? 或許。 但現在不是都流行復古嗎? 而好像是爲了配合整個氣氛,連歌曲選擇也竟有點復古呢。 後來聽説是新郎的父親精心挑選的。 不知當晚的賓客們可聼得開心? 我倒是唱得興高采烈。 不知道是不是在一起久了,自然而然的,就會相像起來? 這對新人的氣質很相像。 感覺非常斯文大方,說起話來溫文爾雅 真是天生一對。 Band: Hui Ming, Joel L-R: Hui Ming, Wayne, Xiayi, JoelRepertoire: 花好月圆 (A Beautiful Night), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), 但愿人长久 (May All Live Well And Long), Wishin’ and Hopin’, 一人一半 (One Half), 夜上海 (Night In Shanghai), Close To You, Everything In Its Time, 至少还有你 (At Least There Is You), 小城故事…

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(Wedding) Ee Waye and Mike, 23 Nov 08, Regent Hotel

Jo’s thoughts: 幸福的女人 (Happy Lady) The lovely Waye and Mike were wed at the Regent Hotel, on the 23rd of Nov, 2008…to the congratulations of so many happy guests that the attendees spilled from the main hall into the charming hotel lobby, where they were served a sumptuous bufet. Every last detail spoke of the intricate gorgeousness of the event, from the delicate feather adornments on Waye’s train and the bridesmaids’ wrists, to white and pink balloons framing the stage,…

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Esmond and Gwendolyn, 19 March 2006, Tanglin Room, Regent Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Esmond is the perfect gentleman. In our e-mail correspondences, he always phrases his requests in the most polite way, and thanks me for my suggestions. Still, I had to put my foot down when he wanted us to perform Waiting For Tonight (too techno), Save The Best for Last (not very appropriate unless your relationship fits the story of the song) and the most deceptively-titled song of all, I Will Always Love You (It’s actually about a…

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