Stephen & May Yee, 18 Dec 2010 (Morning), Sentosa Room, Capella

Ian’s Thoughts: This is the Day I had a prior rehearsal with May Yee and her siblings (Te Jinn and Min Hui, the singers for the day) which went without a hitch. As I set up my gear, I felt really good about this gig – working with talented and able singers, as well as experienced and creative musicians in the form of Clarence and Richard. Another reason for the good feeling – we were going to play praise and worship…

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Eddie and Agnes, 9 Sep 2010, Marriott (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 梁山伯与茱丽叶 (Lian Shan Bo And Juliet) Watching Eddie and Agnes’ wedding video was akin to going back in time and re-living the significant moments of an enduring and loving relationship. The first date, first movie (there was a photo of the movie stub!), proposal…all these were documented and shown in the video. We could also see the subtle differences in Eddie’s -ahem- proportions. His emcee couldn’t help but tease Eddie for looking different from his slimmer, younger…

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Eswaran & Jennifer, 26 June 2010, Regent Hotel (Nassim Room) (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: 夜上海 (Shanghai Nights) This was a wedding that really used live music to set the ambience – Jennifer arranged for the band to perform the 1st set with English jazz and classics, and the 2nd set with Shanghai jazz, so the theme was set clear apart between the two march-in. Jennifer looked absolutely alluring with her red cheongsam, and I was happy she took on my suggestion of using – 一见你就笑 as her 2nd march-in song – as…

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Lex Mundi 2010 Asia Awards Dinner & Dance, 1 May 2010, Atrium Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental

Shawn’s thoughts: Star Awards It was like STAR AWARDS! The band dished out 15-20 second snippets of popular jazz and big band tunes as the winners smiled their way up to the stage for their awards and thanksgiving speeches.  Take a look at Matthew’s notes: The Mandarin Oriental banquet staff went the extra mile to make sure the band gets not just the same beverages and delicacies but the same quality service their guests enjoyed. Thank you! The second half of the…

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