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Jia Kai and Jacqueline, 18 Dec 2010, Ritz Carlton

Judy’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Judy, Sofyan, Regi, Feri L-R: Regi, Feri, Jia Kai, Jacqueline, Judy, Sofyan Repertoire: Bubbly, Honey Bee, Lucky, Love Story, I’m Yours, Love Story, Falling for You, The Way You Look Tonight, Everlasting Love, I Wanna Be with You, If I Ain’ Got You, Something about You, Everything, Come Away with Me, Valentine, Grow Old with You, When I Fall in Love, 喜欢你 (Liking You), 爱是你眼里的一首情歌 (Love is Like a Ballad), 但愿人长久 (May We be Together…

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Michelle and Thomas, 28 May 2010, Chihuly Room, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: L-O-V-E This was a really special wedding for me. When Michelle decided to engage us for her wedding, she wrote me a very long e-mail and shared many details of her relationship with Thomas. I felt very privileged to read about the special moments they shared, including Thomas’ proposal which involved a ring, Rose wine and Bintan. 🙂 Thanks for the love photographs, Soon!Soon is from 2ofusphotography I met up with Michelle and Thomas a week before…

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Dinner For P&T Consultants’ Director, 25 Mar 2010, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Here Comes The Sun Francis of P&T Consultants heard us perform at a friend’s wedding, and got in touch with us when his company was planning to host a dinner in honour of their Director, who was retiring. I got Eleanor, Feri and Fabian to provide the entertainment. The retiring Director is a fan of the Fab Four, so the band performed a few Beatles classics! L-R: Eleanor, Feri, Fabian Thank you for the opportunity, Francis! Band:…

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Nicholas and Evelyn, 24 Jan 2010, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: What A Difference A Day Made It’s been some time since we last performed at Ritz Carlton, and I’m always awed by the grandeur of the high ceilings and the chandeliers when I’m there. Nicholas and Evelyn had every reason to be the happiest man and woman, because their dearest families and friends filled up the huge ballroom, literally lighting it up with their smiles! The banquet commenced with two speeches by Nicholas and Evelyn’s good friends. I…

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Yingchao and Hanqing, 26 Dec 09, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Because Of You Thanks to the beautiful photos taken by Kelvin of LightedPixels, I got to see the unadulterated joy and happiness on Hanqing and Yingchao’s faces. Juliet, Boon Chye and Clarence had a ball of a time performing classics and carols on Boxing Day. Their chemistry was flawless and the music sublime. Thanks to Hanqing and Yingchao, Juliet learnt two beautiful jazz songs which she grew to love. Congratulations to Hanqing and Yingchao! Band: Juliet, Clarence…

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Larissa and Tommy, 6 Dec 09, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Remember When It was a joy to perform with Juliet again! Haven’t sung with her for ages, and I was so glad she was able to make it for Larissa and Tommy’s wedding. Larissa and Tommy had very specific choices for their march-ins. For their first entrance, they wanted a medley of Lover’s Concerto and Les Yeux Ouverts (French version of Dream A Little Dream). We’d never married (pardon the pun!) the two songs before, but the…

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Karen and Kenneth, 6 Dec 09, Chihuly Room, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Built To Last The match of the century: Bon Jovi VS Tommy Page Who will win? In Karen and Kenneth’s wedding, everyone wins. I sweated for many nights when I first got the song list. It was clearly the result of two distinct tastes in music. Kenneth’s contributions were songs like Wherever You Will Go and Spin (both of which I grew to love), while Karen’s favourites were probably Arthur’s Theme and Flying Without Wings. More lovely…

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Charlotte and Wee Hian, 10 Oct 09, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s Thoughts:  What a Wonderful World I really like the ‘nature’ inspired theme for Charlotte and Wee Hian’s wedding.  Beautiful flower decorations on each table, striking trimmed tree pedestals along the pathway, a wedding cake decorated with vines and leaves etc. In fact, when the band arrived at 6pm for the sound check-up, the entire ballroom was abuzz with activity as hotel staff and other helpers were busy getting the ballroom ready for the wedding.  The Ritz Carlton ballroom…

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Hoi Ning and Pei Tong, 23 May 09, Ritz Carlton (Wedding Live Band)

俊雄的感想:每一个明天 (Every Tomorrow) 十年… 好长的一段时间,但这的的确确就是 Pei Tong 和 Hoi Ning 在一起交往的日子。非常不简单,但今天他们俩终于如愿以偿,开花结果了,令人感到欣慰。 很调皮与活泼的一对新人:男生风趣幽默,女生则含羞嗒嗒、娇美动人,让人羡慕!今晚的喜筵也是我与乐手们有史以来学习与呈现最多广东歌曲的一次,还好获得不错的回响, 一切的辛劳都没白费。听说新娘子原籍香港,现场还有不少嘉宾是特地从香港赶来赴宴,场面既热闹又温馨。 这次的喜筵也有不少的“特备节目”,伴娘与兄弟团皆功不可抹!他们都各别呈现了一首歌曲:伴娘的“小手拉大手”与兄体团的“对面的女孩看过来”,为喜筵增添了不少声色与趣味。Pei Tong 和 Hoi Ning 在敬酒后的谢词也非常感人,触动了不少在场嘉宾的心絃。 Pei Tong, Hoi Ning: 谢谢你让我们参与了你们的喜悦。在此,我由衷的祝福你们在今后的每一个明天,都充满着幸福、甜蜜与欢乐!!! Band: Jun Xiong, Clarence, James Clarence James Jun Xiong Thanks, Eadwine, for sending us your photographs! Repertoire: Fly Me To The Moon, Love Me, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Beautiful In My Eyes, One Boy One Girl, Have I Told You Lately, Just The Way You Are, 分享 (Share), Love Will Keep Us Alive, Built…

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(Wedding) Genevieve and Daniel, 14 Sep 08, Ritz Carlton

Juliet’s thoughts: Lucky The night started with our singer and MC Zheng Quan who introduced the couple and shared with us their love story, with interesting excerpts from how they first met to how he proposed. The lovely couple then proceeded with a lively rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, played by Feri (guitarist) and Julian (pianist), and sung by Zheng Quan himself. It was a lovely sight as the couple walked down the red carpet. Right after the 1st…

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Li Ling and Sudhir, 27 Jul 08, Ritz Carlton

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Bridge Over Troubled Water Dancing tots are becoming a regular fixture at our wedding performances. A day ago, two boys joined me on the stage and danced in wild abandon. At Sudhir and Li Ling’s wedding, a beautiful little girl boogied energetically to the jazz standards I was singing. We were completely charmed by her. Li Ling and Sudhir were friends for several years before love bloomed two years ago. I imagined it to be something like…

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