Phil & Jeslin, 2 Nov 19, JW Marriott (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Phil put in a lot of thoughts into proposing to Jeslin; he even came up with a list. Some of the ideas include : – proposing during sunset at a beach resort (but he was worried that the diamond ring might be robbed); – proposing during a cruise trip (quickly scrappd after he found out from Jeslin that she felt that cruises are boring and for retirees) – proposing at an ice chapel at a ski resort in Hokkaido; but…

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Cheryl & Tin Hong, 15 Jun 19, Glass Pavilion (Amara Sanctuary)

A romantic wedding with ‘live’ music by a guitar and a violin was what Cheryl & Tin Hong had in mind. The couple marched-in to the tune of “You Are So Beautiful” (Joe Cocker) and to everyone’s cheers and smiles! Thank you so much for engaging Justin (guitar) and Selwyn (violin) for the music entertainment! Repertoire:  First March-in:  You are so beautiful (Joe Cocker) Second March-in: Can’t help falling in love ( Elvis Presley) 1) All of me (John Legend)…

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Jason & Liupin, 18 May 19 @ Skai (Level 69) (Wedding Live Band/Stroller/Strolling)

Here is Jason & Liuping during their 1st march-in with the soft sunlight that permeates the full-length side windows. We never get tired of coming to Level 69 (SKAI) because of the breath-taking view! Thank you for engaging Jixiang (guitar) and Selwyn (violin), one of our instrumental duos for strolling performances. There was a touching moment during the wedding celebration – the couple requested for Jixiang and Selwyn to perform ‘You Raise Me Up‘ as a tribute to a pair…

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Yu & Soo Han, 16 MAR 19 @ Sofitel Sentosa (Wedding Live Band / Music)

Congratulations on your wedding, Yu & Soo Han! Look at the dashing young couple, aren’t they just adorable? Selwyn(violin) and Wenbin(cello) have immense fun learning to play the requested Japanese songs at the dinner banquet for Yu’s friends and family. It certainly help them ease into the wedding  atmosphere with the familiar tunes! A photo of the wedding reception table decorated with Mickey Mouse bride and groom stuff toy mascot, so cute! Somehow looking at a wedding banquet with flower…

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Level 69 Wedding Ballroom

Whitney & Keagen, 23 Feb 19, Level 69 (Wedding Live Band/Emcee/MC)

We were literally on Level 69, as the name goes…. Check out this breath-taking view: The light from the window was perfect for a luncheon: The band takes a quick selfie before they start ‘work’: (L-R): Dayvid (guitar), Selwyn (violin), Phoebee (vocals & emcee) And they were swamped with song requests that afternoon! Thank you for having us a part of your wedding celebration Whitney & Keagen, we wish you a wonderful and bountiful marriage ahead! 🙂 Check out a…

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China Club Wedding Live Band Music Emcee

Daniel & Emerline, 5 Jan 19, China Club (Wedding Live Band – Guitar Violin Stroller Duo)

Emerline & Daniel‘s wedding celebration took place at China Club, which has a strong oriental vibe. Hence when Doris, Emerline’s sister, thought of engaging a live band as a wedding present, she knew that she wanted Shanghai jazz as the music for the event (scroll down for repertoire). Truth be told, we were excited to perform there because China Club boosts of such a wonderful view… be it by the day… or by the night… The duo also strolled around…

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Village Changi Hotel Wedding Ballroom

Angie & Kwan Ming, 9 Jun 18, Village Changi Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Phoebee (vocals & emcee), Dayvid (Guitar), Selwyn (violin) Is 11 years a long duration for you? It would be, especially if it is part of your growing up years when you experience many changes from adolescence to adulthood. Angie and Kwan Ming dated for 11 years, from a year after they graduated from secondary school, and they never looked back! They opted to have their wedding celebration at the snazzy Village Changi Hotel: L-R: Angie & Kwan Ming Thank…

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Wedding Band Flutes

Jamie & Yejun, 4 Feb 18, Flutes (Wedding Live Band)

Band: Ywenna (vocals & piano), Selwyn (violin) At this cosy and intimate wedding, we were absolutely delighted to have friendly guests who jumped into the fun… by coming up to sing a few songs along to music accompaniment by Ywenna (piano) and Selwyn (violin)! And here’s our musicians for the day, who bravely took on a performance of 5 different languages (English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Korean and Japanese). Check out the repertoire selected by Jamie and Yejun below! Congratulations Yejun and…

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Derrick and Melissa, 4 Dec 2010, Conrad

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Band: Hsin Yeow, Hui Bing, Mei Sheum L-R: Selwyn, Hsin Yeow, Hui Bing, Melissa, Derrick, Mei Sheum, Wah Yong Repertoire: Wonderful Tonight (1st march-in), Sway, Fallin For You, Fallen, Kiss Me, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Nobody, Wishin’ And Hopin’, If I Ain’t Got You, Way Back Into Love, If I Never Knew You, Lucky, Someday We’ll Know, It’s Your Love (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life (2nd march-in), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Come…

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Wei Jun and Shirley, 11 Jun 2010, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Junxiong’s thoughts: 今生今世 (In This Life) I have always enjoyed performing at weddings held in Four Season’s hotel. And this feeling was further reassured by our wedding band’s performance at WeiJun and Shirley’s wedding. The ballroom was well-furnished and optimally sized, making it a cosy and personal event for our newlyweds. With an excellent blend of Sharon’s tinkles and Selwyn’s strings on the violin, our band had a really wonderful time throughout the night. To add on, thanks to the…

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Clifford and Shu Ting, 15 May 2010, Mandarin Court, Meritus Mandarin (Wedding Live Band)

Jun Xiong’s thoughts: Tonight I Celebrate My Love The wedding of Clifford and Shu Ting was a simple yet memorable one. There wasn’t any traditional champagne pouring ceremony or yum-seng session, but the night was filled with many meaningful and unrforgettable events. One event that impressed me most was when Clifford’s cousin, Michaelina, gave a touching yet lively speech. You could vividly see tears of happiness from her eyes when she recounted their strong kinship and how happy she was…

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Witoyo and Serena, 3 Apr 2010, Hilton Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Band: Eleanor, Feri, Selwyn L-R: Selwyn, Eleanor, Serena, Witoyo, Feri Repertoire: Lovin’ You, L-O-V-E, If We Hold On Together, The Way You Look Tonight, You’re the Sunshine of My Life, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), Grow Old With You, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, What A Wonderful World, When I’m 64, Wishin’ And Hopin’, Sway, That’s What Friends Are For (Dedicated to couple’s friends), Unforgettable, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Till There Was You, La Vie En…

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Soo Tin and Boo Song, 30 Mar 2010, Qianxi Restaurant (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 真的爱你 (I Really Love You) Soo Tin and Boo Song were colleagues. As Soo Tin had joined the firm earlier, she was the one who showed Boo Song the ropes. In the course of doing so, love blossomed. Even though the couple were solemnised 6 years ago, they were in no hurry to hold the wedding dinner reception. But when they did, Soo Tin felt there was one element she could not do without – live music.…

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Ivan and Levvinne, 10 Jan 2010, Four Seasons (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: In This Life “Love conquers all.” This statement may sound trite when used to describe other couples, when in Ivan and Levvinne’s case, it fits.  Ivan was struck by kidney disease a few years ago, right after they solemnised their marriage.  The couple had to put their wedding reception plans on hold as Ivan battled the disease.  Levvinne demonstrated true mettle as she stayed by Ivan’s side while he went for kidney dialysis thrice a week. When asked why…

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Wileen and Jordy, 21 Nov 09, The Sentosa Spa & Resort (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts: Rainbow Connection I can’t speak Cantonese to save my life but I can most definitely understand it, especially when the long distance love story of Wileen and Jordy sounds just like a Hong Kong drama serial. What’s even more unforgettable is that the two of them look just like the gorgeous stars you see at the “Golden Horse Awards Ceremony”! I’m not kidding, they’re both really gorgeous, and not just cause they’re dressed up for their wedding. Take…

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James and Kelly, 15 Nov 09, Poolside, Amara Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Tanya’s thoughts: From This Moment James and Kelly had a simple but cosy and heart-warming ROM ceremony on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, at an outdoor wooden pavillion by the poolside. Kelly looked stunning and James was suave in an all-white ensemble. The excitement was clearly written all over the faces of the guests as they streamed in before the commencement of the ceremony. The Justice of Peace was not only humourous and dishing out words of wisdom to…

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Melissa and Alexandre, 8 Aug 09, Galleria Ballroom, Grand Copthorne Waterfront (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: For Me, Formidable Alexandre and Melissa had known each other for 6 years, of which 4 years were spent long-distance. Other than being it being a French tradition for the banquet tables to be named after countries/cities, it probably also served to remind us of the strong love the couple had for each other, as they could only see each other every 6 months in Asia or Europe during that arduous period! Melissa and Alexandre had painstakingly made…

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