Amara Sanctuary Wedding Ballroom Decor

Jackson & Jennie, 28 Jul 19 @ Amara Sanctuary (Wedding Singer/Emcee/MC/Live Band Music)

We are so thankful to Jackson for this wonderful review for Huibing (vocals & emcee) & Fatt (one-man-band): Jackson & Jennie were so spontaneous with their wedding march-in. They were initially having a bit of hesitation if they wanted to dance in to the live band performing ‘Sugar’ (Maroon 5) for their march-in… and in the end they did! It was such an unexpected and fun way of kick-starting the celebration with a dance in with their wedding entourage! Thank…

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Tommy & Fang, 28 Jul 19 @ Capella Hotel Singapore (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music)

Tommy & Fang‘s wedding was full of fun because there were so many talented guest performers! (But first, check out this splendid view of a ballroom): The 3 cousins of Fang flew in specially from New Zealand to attend the wedding, and they even performed 3 lovely songs with our pianist Benjamin backing them up on piano. Their renditions were so professional – soothing vocals complete with harmonies! Another talented cousin of Fang’s (Sean) also performed – so rare to…

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Zann & Gary, 13 Jul 19, Capella (Grand Ballroom) (Wedding Emcee/ Live Band / DJ)

(Emcee Regine with Zann & Gary) We were out in full force for Zann & Gary‘s wedding celebration at Capella‘s Grand Ballroom. It was our privilege to have 4 groups of talents out for this wedding: Regine on bilingual emcee (videos) Moxi & GX for live band (videos) DJ Titus (videos) String Duo (Violinist and Cellist) for cocktail reception (video) In other words, it was a PARTY!! Our string duo (violin & cello) kicked start the evening with a 45-min…

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(Wedding)Dirk and Marion, 28 May 2011, Suburbia (Sentosa)

Renhui’s Thoughts: Weightless The appeal of Suburbia as a place to host both Marion and Dirk’s solemnization ceremony and wedding dinner was obvious. The homey and quaint-looking restaurant that stood away from the everyday hustle-bustle easily lulled its guests into an easy and informal mood – perfect for an intimate evening to celebrate the coming together of 2 lives and 2 families. Accompanied by Jeremy’s rendition of Bruno Mar’s Marry Me, Marion and Dirk’s new unity was solemnized in Suburbia’s…

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(Wedding) Alex and Huiying, 13 Mar 2011 (Lunch), One Degree Fifteen (Sentosa)

L-R: Bevlyn, Huiying, Alex, Jeremy & Ein Ein Band: Bevlyn, Jeremy & Ein Ein Repertoire: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (1st March-in), 麦芽糖 (Malt Candy), That’s When I Love You, Every Day I Love You, Eternal Flame, 有一点动心 (Touched – Just A Tiny Bit), I Love You So, The Way You Look Tonight, Quando, Quando, Quando, Fly Me to the Moon, L-O-V-E, Sway 浪漫手机 (Romantic Handphone) (2nd March-in), Dahil Sa Yo, My way, Can’t Help Falling In Love, I…

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Jaime & Timothy, 13 Feb 11, Amara Sanctuary Resort

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Happy Together “Sit Drink and be Married” – This was what I keep seeing through the wedding. I know it sounds stupid, but it did make me loosen myself up upon seeing that, cos yes, it sounded like everyone was supposed to have fun! Seeing all the attention put into the details in this wedding, it’s hard to imagine that Jaime had organised everything…. from US! The band performed a good 20minutes when the guests started entering the…

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Seatrek Christmas Party, 10 Dec 2010, One Degree Fifteen, Sentosa

Compliments: Highlights: Band: Shi Li and Adi Repertoire: Fireworks, Copacabana, Sway, September, Mama Mia, Dancing Queen, Only Girl In The World, Rude Boy, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Hey Soul Sister, You To Me Are Everything, Top Of The World, I Saw Her Standing There, Sexyback, Dynamite, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Quando Quando Quando, I Got A Feeling, Nobody, California Girls

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Gyneth and Kenneth, 10 Jul 2010, Sentosa Resort & Spa (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Stand By Me This is the love story of a couple who met each other 14 years ago way back in secondary school, stood by each other, and finally tied the knots last Sat! Word has it that Gyneth stood out among the bunch of schoolgirls during schooldays because of her always-coloured hair, higher-than-usual skirt hem, and her tall-to-the calf socks. That might have created some problems for her and her bridesmaid who was a prefect back then, but it…

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David and Theodora, 3 Jul 2010, The Sentosa Spa & Resort (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: 真情流露 (My True Emotions Revealed) When Matthew, Wilson and I were invited to perform at David’s wedding, we were honestly blown away by the couple’s request for a 4-set gig. Full of expectations that this was gonna be a night to remember, I brought all my lyrics just in case the party could not be contained! And as it turned out, the celebrations went beyond all our expectations. First off, David and Theodore dispensed with all formalities and…

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Richard and Audrey, 21 Nov 09, The Pavilion, Rasa Sentosa (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: All I Want For Christmas Is You “I’ll also like to thank my husband, thank you for not having the 7-year itch…”. Everyone laughed when they hear Audrey say this in her thank you speech. Funny as it might sound, I thought it showed how Audrey does not take their dating-marathon relationship for granted. So after a long 7-year dating marathon, Richard and Audrey finally tied the knots at Sentosa, which holds a special meaning in their hearts.…

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Justin and Megan, 18 Nov 09, Capella (Sentosa) (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Greatest Day Justin counts as one of the nicest grooms I have ever encountered in my years of wedding-singing. I cannot help but be impressed by his sincerity and thoughtfulness. Hence, I could easily understand why many people were happy to attend their wedding lunch on a Wednesday afternoon! As requested by the couple, we performed Greatest Day (by Take That) for the 1st march-in. Fantastic lyrics: Today this could be The greatest day of our lives. Before…

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David and Shannon, 10 Oct 09, Suburbia (Wedding Live Band)

Juliet’s Thoughts:  Your Song Albeit unconventionally short, we are happy to be sharing the couple’s joy. My highlight of the night was David and Shannon slow-dancing to ‘Hero’ (Enrique). But i believe Feri, Chris (bartender aka percussionist!) and myself all enjoyed moving and dancing to I’m Yours (Jason Mraz) tonight. Congratulations to the lovely couple! L to R: Feri, David, Shannon & Juliet Band: Juliet & Feri Repertoire: Grow Old With You, Your Song, Hero, I’m Yours

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Fang Ting and Shu Hong, 6 Jun 09, Jade Site 1, Rasa Sentosa (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: If We Hold On Together I was deeply touched by this particular stanza in one of Fang Ting’s emails, : I don’t think I can find anyone except Mr Wong Shuhong who can do anything, everything and nothing with me! That’s so much things we love doing together, skating, music, playing boardgames and computer games, driving out at night when there’s a sudden yoghurt or ice-cream cravings and so on. Even when I picked up knitting, he tagged along…

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Ruby and Jarrett, 23 May 09, Bora Bora Bar (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 情人 (Lover) In Ruby’s words: J是个好人,是个努力上进的人。结婚之后,我会尽我最大的努力去保护我们的婚姻。我有信心我们会长久的,会幸福的 (Jarrett is a good guy, one who’s hardworking and seeks to improve himself. I will my best to protect our marriage. I’m confident we will be happy together, for a long long time) Well, I’d like to add “good-natured” and “cool” to Jarett’s list of traits. I met Jarrett for the first time an hour before the solemnisation ceremony. Despite sweating buckets and looking slightly stressed, he impressed me for being…

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Juliana and Ee Chia, 23 May 09, Waterfront Lawn, Rasa Sentosa (Wedding Live Band)

Juliet’s thoughts: Start Of Something New Unlike most weddings that were done on carpets or the stage, this one certainly took us back to nature! The band, consisting of Shawn (percussion), Joel (keys), Windson and myself graced the grass very nicely, we hope! 🙂 Windson and I handled 4 languages tonight, ie English, Mandarin, and the 2 dialects Cantonese and Hokkien! Considering neither of us can speak both any of the dialects, I do think we handled 每天爱你多一些 (Every I…

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Ho Bee’s Dinner Gathering, 20 Feb 09, Seascape Gallery, Sentosa

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Wonderful Tonight I don’t think I will ever forget this gig at Seascape Gallery, which is actually a show-flat converted into a dining hall. The dinner gathering was for staff of Ho Bee, and the council members and staff from the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. When I arrived at the car park, I was blown away by the sight of the clear water and the yachts – I love yachts! One of the staff from…

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Ebelle and Jimmy, 9 Jan 09, Ami’s, Sentosa (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 爱爱 (Love, Love) Ebelle and Jimmy wanted to celebrate their wedding at a unique location, and when they chanced upon Ami’s at Sentosa, they knew they had found just the place. The best thing about Ami’s is that it overlooks the site where Songs Of The Sea is held. Songs Of The Sea is a live show that uses quite a lot of special effects, from pyrotechnics to water jets to brilliant lasers. The highlight of the…

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(Wedding) Julia and Mark, 2 Nov 08, Silk Road Of The Sea, Sentosa

Bevlyn’s thoughts: I Hate Myself For Loving You Ok, this wedding will be of few words, and photo intensive. You will understand why: This is what you see when you look out of the restaurant, Silk Road Of The Sea, which is situated along Palawan Beach. It was a fun wedding…because there was balloon-sculpting for children! Curious to know what we usually see from where we perform? Here it is: Incidentally, 2 Nov 08 is also Julia’s birthday! A dear…

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(Wedding) Darren and Peng Tzee, 25 Oct 08, Suburbia, Sentosa

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Moondance In the midst of a detailed speech about how he and Peng Tzee (Peng) met and fell in love, Darren turned to Peng and remarked, “You know the one quality I’ve always loved about you is your laughter. Your laughter makes everyone happy. Thanks for bringing joy to my life!” When Peng blushed at the unexpected praise, Darren added cheekily, “What, don’t I get a kiss?” Darren and Peng’s intimate and elegant wedding was made possible…

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(Wedding) Anne and Daniel, 20 Sep 08, Sentosa Resort & Spa

Bevlyn’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple) Anne’s good friend since their primary school days in Kuantan, Lisa, made an impression that evening with her digs at Daniel. As a surprise gift for Anne, Lisa came up with a special photo-montage of Anne and Daniel through the years, but not without adding in text lines in between the pictures to hint how lucky a man Daniel is to be able to be with Anne. In her speech, Lisa described how…

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