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Jason & Kia Mian, 21 Nov 21 @ Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band Music – Live-Streaming)

Thank you Jason & Kia Mian for engaging Khim (vocals) & the One-Man-Band for their lovely wedding celebration at Sheraton Towers! The band felt so flattered to receive so many song requests! 🙂  Check out some of the song requests we received! ….even though the musicians were located in a separate location ! 🙂 Our heartiest congratulations to Jason & Kia Mian and here’s wishing them a blissful marriage ahead!! Repertoire: Can you feel the love tonight – 1st march-in 最重要的决定…

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Patricia & John, 2 Nov 19 @ Sheraton Towers (Wedding Singer/Emcee/Live Band Music)

Thank you Patricia and John for having Irwin (vocals & emcee) and Daryl (guitar) for their wedding celebration, the pleasure is definitely ours. Irwin also took the efforts to learn 2 new Japanese songs for John’s Japanese boss. We love them! Congratulations Patricia a and John! Blessed marriage ahead 🙂     Repertoire: TRUE LOVE – FUJII FUMIYA CHRIS HART – I LOVE YOU 偏偏喜欢你 喜欢你 (GEM) 恋爱ING 特别的爱给特别的你 情非得已 爱很简单 告白气球 天天 (David Tao) Perfect Photograph Take me to…

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Sheraton Towers Wedding Live Band Music Emcee MC

Clifford & Janice, 9 Mar 19 @ Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band/Music)

Clifford and Janice‘s wedding celebration started with a little bit of fun! The emcees used a phone app ‘Kahoot’ that allows all the guests to participate in a quiz that tests their knowledge of the couple and their relationship. Fun questions include “Which is the park that the couple went to for their first date?, and “Which 5 counties had Janice been to?”   After this fun segment, the band performed “Beautiful In White” for their 1st March-in. Dominic not…

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(Wedding) Eric and Amie, 27 Mar 2011, Topaz Ballroom, Sheraton Towers

Band: Jeremy, Shimona, Feri, Fabian L-R: Feri, Shimona, Eric, Amie, Jeremy, Fabian Repertoire: Bubbly, Close To You, Fallen, Kiss Me, You’ve Got A Friend, Heaven, Can’t Smile Without You, You Raise Me Up, I’m Yours, Everlasting Love, Now And Forever, Your Song Tonight I Celebrate My Love (2nd march-in), Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars), Forever Love, 童话 (Fairytale), 完美 (Perfect), Lucky, Way Back Into Love, So Much In Love Compliments: Dear Hsin Yeow and Team, We would like…

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Joshua and Bijun, 25 Jul 2010, Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band)

Tanya’s thoughts: 夜上海 (Night In Shanghai) Although there was no specifically mentioned theme for Joshua and Bijun’s wedding, it was apparent the moment we arrived at the foyer area. There was small trishaw tucked in a little corner and guests were taking photos in it. On the tables were some decorative items such as the old-styled Chinese umbrellas and paper fans! The ballroom was resplendent with the bright red hues and decorative red lanterns. Yes, it seemed to be ‘Shanghai…

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Kia Wee and Kai Wee, 5 Dec 09, Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band)

Jerome’s Thoughts: Rainbow Connection It was a pouring afternoon, however it didn’t bring the joyous mood down for both Kia Wee and Kai Wee’s relatives and friends. It was more like a celebration for both of them. I like the couples’ name as they only have a difference in “A” & “I”. It is a fun way of calling them as both their name sound almost alike… I was touched by the performance by their nephew and friends, who formed…

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William and Eileen, 28 Oct 09, Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 一个像夏天一个像秋天 (One Like Summer, One Like Autumn) Eileen thought William wasn’t a particularly romantic guy, but she had to take it all back when he surprised her by proposing while they were on a trip to Genting. The proposal had all these elements: – surprise (check) – bended knee (check) – witnesses (check) William even arranged for photographs to be taken to document Eileen’s expression of joy, bliss and utter astonishment when the ring was slipped onto…

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Paulyn and Nelson, 20 Sep 09, Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s thoughts: 小情歌 (Little Love Song) It was the magical date 20.09.2009 and I was happy to celebrate with two very talented guys by performing at Paulyn and Nelson’s wedding. We asked the newly weds how early they booked the venue. Surprisingly, they managed to secure this date within a year! Probably because they had a smaller number of tables (less than 20) than the usual couple. It was a small, simple wedding with its classy black decor. I…

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Koonli and Wilson, 26 Mar 09, Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band)

Bevlyn’s thoughts: You Needed Me This giant croquenbouche is one which caught my eye when I walked into the ballroom. I’ve seen a few others in weddings before, but I have to say this is the biggest! Wilson told me later on that this was actually part of the package by Sheraton Towers. Oh well, I’m sure the guests for that evening were delighted to have something new to try for their dessert!   One of the highlights of the wedding was…

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Bisheng and Ching, 3 Jan 09, Sheraton Towers (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 小酒窩 (Small Dimple) Gosh, there are so many things to blog about Bisheng and Ching’s wedding! Even before we entered the ballroom, I was quite impressed by this: Matthew rushed home after Andy and Alicia’s wedding and had a nap. He seems quite refreshed! The couple decorated this white metal frame with copious photographs, polaroids, quirky doodles and other assorted knick knacks. What a great idea! A shot of the couple cutting the wedding cake. Love the…

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(Corporate) Congress Banquet & Singapore Paediatric Society Annual Dinner, 4 Oct 08, Sheraton Towers

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Been Around The World and I-Aye-Aye I was overjoyed to be invited to perform at the Joint Singapore Paediatric Congress banquet, as I could sing a diverse set of songs to fit the theme of “All Over The World”. I could not have put together such a list when I first started performing at weddings over four years ago. In fact, I just learnt two Japanese songs for Calvin and Misako’s wedding. Glad my efforts paid off!…

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(Wedding) Su-Zan and Wai Loon, 10 Sep 08, Sheraton Towers

Bevlyn’s thoughts: But I Do Love You Su-Zan first got to know Wai Loon during her Economics lectures in one of NUS’s lecture theatres 8 years ago. During the speech, Su-Zan congratulated herself for not judging a book by its cover (‘bespectacled and geeky‘ in her own words), because she got to know about Wai Loon’s real cheeky nature beneath the ‘cool exterior’ over time. This was probably in retort to Wai Loon’s earlier comment while giving thanks to his…

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