(Wedding Live Band) Jason and Xueying, 28 Dec 08, Intercontinental Hotel

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: White Christmas “We studied the same course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Electrical Engineering and happened to join the same CCA. During our first year in the poly, we got lots of chances to interact and study together. Throughout the first year, we got to know each other better and grown fond of each other. On 18 January 2000, Jason popped the question ” Will you be my girlfriend?” while studying in the computer lab. Xueying’s reply “OK lor, but got 6…

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(Wedding) Alex and Marie, 20 Sep 08, Palm Terrace, The Legends, Fort Canning

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Thank You For Loving Me Apparently, the best sport to get to know someone better is roller blading. Think of it, if the lady you’re trying to blade with has some difficulty balancing, the most natural thing to do would be to hold her hand! After some hand-holding and chit-chatting, Alex and Marie embarked on a relationship that culminated in a beautiful wedding at the Palm Terrace of The Legends Country Club at Fort Canning. Several things…

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(Wedding) Lilian and Derek, 14 Sep 08, Raffles Hotel

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Till the End Derek and Lilian’s proposal story is like a scene from a romantic movie 🙂 “Derek had secretly planned an overseas trip to Bangkok during our proposal day. There he was appearing at my office building that morning and said “Just come down, we are catching a flight.” I was like “Huh, what flight?? To where??” Unknown to me, he has obtained prior approval from my boss. Hence, I went ahead with him to the…

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Nelly and Sam, 8 Aug 08, Amara Hotel

Shoujie’s thoughts: Surprise! Violin and guitar surprise wedding gifts are turning out to be quite enjoyable indeed. This lunchtime solemnization at the Amara turned out to be a simple but celebratory affair. There was a sense of straightforward elegance in the whole arrangement: the ceremony was a short one, and the guests seemed to be only the closest family and friends. But the small gathering made everything much more intimate, from the quiet hush of the guests when the solemniser…

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Elise and Guillaume, 2 Aug 08, Sentosa Resort & Spa

Bevlyn’s thoughts: All I Ask of You We were introduced to Elise because my primary school friends, Jane and Huimin, recommended us to her. Elise (local Singaporean girl) met Guillaume (French), through work in 2001. Their wedding celebration was a memorable one for me because it was another of those occasions when I can test my French and put it to good use. Guillaume first gave a moving speech in French, thanking his family members and friends, especially his brother,…

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Tze Yang and Jeanie, 26 Jul 08, Chijmes

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Grow Old With Me Just ask. You’ll never know until you try. Regular readers might think we sign contracts with our couples specifying that they must serenade each another, judging by the frequency this happens at our wedding performances. Not true at all. It helps that we’re very experienced in the art of persuasion, having seen how a singing groom or bride can instantly transform the atmosphere and energy in a ballroom, how tangible love can get…

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Min Min and Chee Hiang, 7 Jun 08, Raffles Marina

Juliet’s thoughts: So Nice We’d all thought Raffles Marina was somewhere in town, till we found out it was authentic ‘by-the-sea’ kind of ‘marina’. 🙂 Unlike the usual hotel setup, Min Min and Chee Hiang had theirs by the sea, with all the yachts and the wide expanse of skies, with steady breezes. I do believe it helped put us in a rather light-hearted mood with a sustained bounce in our musical delivery after. All photos in this blog (except…

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Anthony and Joey, 6 Jun 08, Raffles Hotel

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Crazy Little Thing Called Love In Joey’s own words: “The crowd (for her own wedding) are half Chinese, half Caucasians. We like the way you did for Xinyun where there’s a mixture of Hokkien (would make my aunties very happy), Chinese and English songs. And indeed, from where I was on the stage, I could see Anthony’s families and friends on the left, and Joey’s counterparts on the right. Distinctively different, yet brought together by the couple’s love…

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Xinyun and Terrence, 19 May 08, Holiday Inn Atrium

Bevlyn’s thoughts: When You Wish Upon A Star My strongest memory of Xinyun and Terrence was their going down to one Rochester to ‘preview’ our band many months before the wedding date, and I came to understand the need for them to do so – Xinyun is a teacher, and we all know that teachers are really swamped with work right! The repertoire they had chosen was a well-mix of jazz, English and Mandarin classics, and Hokkien songs. I only…

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