(Wedding) Raymond & Jasmine, 23 Apr 11, Shutters Restaurant & Glass Pavilion (Amara Sanctuary)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Love Will Find A Way “37 years ago, a ‘Chan’ married a ‘Lee’. 37 years later, the same thing happened!’ Raymond’s father best summed up the miracles which happened to Raymond and Jasmine’s families. Raymond’s father (a ‘Chan’ from Malaysia), married his mother (a ‘Lee’ from China) 37 years ago. The history repeated itself at Raymond’s wedding, for Jasmine is also a ‘Lee’ who came to Singapore from China. We also heard from Raymond and Jasmine’s colleagues who…

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Choon How and Jessica, 9 Dec 2010, Amara Sanctuary (Shutters Restaurant)

Bevlyn’s Thoughts: I Will Follow Him I must say that…what blew me away for this wedding was the warmth of Jessica, Choon How, and their wedding guests. Shutters Restaurant provided a very cosy and intimate setting for the wedding dinner, but the people were the ones who lit it up 🙂 We realised as we move through the dinner that there are very talented people among the guests! First off, when we were taking a break, young Nigel came up…

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Andrew and Sara, 23 Oct 2010, Shutters Restaurant, Amara Sancturay

Judy’s thoughts: You Mean Everything to Me It was a sunny Saturday afternoon as Boon Chye, Matthew and I made our way to Amara Sancuary. It was my first time performing there and that made me rather excited. The hotel was designed in a way that reminded me very much of a spa, and I love spas so it was a very welcoming sight. As the 3 of us took a little short walk towards the restaurant, I envisioned a…

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