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Valerie and Hung Choong, 28 Nov 09, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You All grooms should take lessons from Hung Choong when it comes to making tear-inducing speeches. This guy is a natural. He was so successful Valerie’s tear ducts didn’t stand a chance. His strategy is to lower Valerie’s defences by smacking his lips loudly — muack! — to demonstrate how he felt when he first laid eyes on her. That got everyone laughing. They laughed even harder when he simulated his heart…

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Siew Mei and Ivan, 18 Oct 09, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Jo’s thoughts: 今天你要嫁给我 (I’ll be Marrying You Today!) Last Sunday was highly memorable because a) it was the day before my birthday b) the day after I got a horrible fever and throat infection and most importantly c) the actual day of Siew Mei and Ivan’s wedding lunch at the Grand Hyatt. Siew Mei and Ivan are a very charming, very hands on couple whose long love affair and deep chemistry show very strongly…even leading up to the all important…

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Erik and Hana, 1 Aug 09, Sir Stamford Ballroom, Grand Hyatt (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: This Will Be An Everlasting Love It was a first date like no other. Who in the right mind would wear old, faded clothes, ride a borrowed motorbike and bring his date to Beach Road hawker centre? And who in the world would agree to see that yellow-haired dude again? Well, Erik and Hana, of course. Even though Erik gave Hana the impression that the date didn’t really matter, he must have done something right, because Hana…

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Goh Tan and Stephanie, 18 Oct 06, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Teh Pao and The Bodybuilder* I simply love the video montage prepared by the good people behind Chris Ling, which was shown before the couple entered the ballroom. Not only did it include photographs of the couple (from the washed-out pictures of the couple from their diaper-wearing days to the beautifully taken snapshots of them in their wedding-day finery), footage of the morning’s shenanigans when Goh Tan went to fetch Stephanie; it even featured interviews of their…

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George and Dannica Giang, 20 Jun 06, Sir Stamford Room, Grand Hyatt

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Over The Rainbow It’s almost embarrassing how often I get that lump in my throat whenever I see true love expressed publicly and sincerely. Dannica did it for me, when she proclaimed in her thank-you speech, not once but twice, how blessed she was to have found George, her partner for life. It was George’s idea to engage us, and he chose the songs based on his wife’s favourites. Even though we had to learn quite a few,…

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