Grand Copthorne Waterfront Grand Ballroom Wedding

Stella & Perry, 30 Dec 18 @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront (Grand Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band/Music

This was an exciting wedding, and we could see that Stella and Perry have a strong love for singing, because they performed a few songs in celebration of their union! Perry did a surprise performance during their 2nd march-in, singing 《简单爱》 (Jay Chou) (Simple Love) with Stella by his side. It is not easy to walk and sing, but Perry joined the ranks of grooms/brides who performed while march-in! When they reached the stage, our pianist Tony swiftly changed the…

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(Wedding) Joanne and See Chuan, 7 Dec 08, Carlton Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Love At First Sight Joanne and See Chuan met at the Yellow Ribbon Project on Sep 2005. Joanne said, “It was love at first sight! We started to exchange e-mails/SMSes after that, but we only got together during my 21st birthday celebration; he came to my rescue when my colleagues threw me into the swimming pool!” Joanne continued, “Just like the movie “My Sassy Girl”, I was stubborn and domineering. Whereas he was the entire opposite of…

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(Wedding) Jaclyn and Ivann, 22 Nov 08, Traders Hotel

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: The Book Of Love Kudos to Jaclyn for remembering her first date with Ivann so vividly: “Our first date was on June 12, 2002 and it was at Mr Bean. I decided not to order any food as I was pretty nervous and shy! Although I was very hungry, I only ordered a drink. But when I saw Ivann’s food being served, I couldn’t help it and I finished most of his food! I wanted to be…

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(Wedding) Jaslyn and Chek Keng, 13 Oct 08, Marina Mandarin

Bevlyn’s thoughts: We’ve Only Just Begun Both Jaslyn and Chek Keng is a shy couple, so my suggestion to Chek Keng to do an impromptu act of singing to Jaslyn was turned down during soundcheck. But when I saw the video of the customary wedding, of Chek Keng gulping down a special concoction of what the sisters titled “Bittergourd Boulevard”, I knew where he reserved his bravery – his stomach! Jaslyn and Chek Keng marched-in to the band’s rendition of…

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(Wedding) Sher Li and Charles, 12 Oct 08, Conrad

Bevlyn’s thoughts: Built To Last Sher Li was among the guests at Cordelia & Eric’s wedding, and after the ‘preview’, she decided to get a live band for her wedding too. And we sure were glad she made the decision, because the band had such a great time performing at the wedding – with Tony on the baby grand piano provided FOC by Conrad, Boon Chye on his saxophone, and myself on vocals, we delivered mostly jazz and english classics…

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