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Kelvin and Xiuli, 30 Dec 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: 我是真的付出我的爱 (I’m Really Giving You My Love) Kelvin and Xiuli started a blog together in 2008, to “mark the 3 and a half years of our relationship.” The blog is really a window into the personalities of Kelvin and Xiuli, and I enjoyed reading the entries, especially when they gave their personal views on a common topic. For example, their musings on the perfect proposal. Kelvin got it right when he wrote, “To all guys out there.…

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Anderson and Michelle, 19 Dec 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Tonight I Celebrate My Love Pure luck brought Anderson and Michelle together, but it was sincerity that made them stick. The story started with Anderson and Sean being buddies.  One day, Anderson happened to see Michelle’s (Sean’s sister) driving license in the car Sean was driving.  Anderson thought that she looked cute, and asked for an introduction. Anderson won over his future in-laws by visiting them almost every day.  His strategy to convincing Michelle of his love?  He says,…

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Geok Koon and Dixi, 12 Dec 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Jeremy’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Averil, Jeremy, Feri L-R: Jeremy, Averil, Geok Koon, Dixi, Feri Repertoire: Inside Your Heaven (1st march-in), I Do (Cherish You), A Love That Will Last, Angels Brought Me Here, Dream A Little Dream, 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), So Nice, Quando Quando Quando, The Way You Look Tonight, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), Fly Me To The Moon (2nd march-in)

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Daniel and Jacqueline, 28 Nov 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Junxiong’s thoughts: Wonderful Tonight Daniel and Jacqueline’s wedding was filled with abundant laughters, fun and memorable moments! Right from the childhood montage which portrayed our cute and lovely wedding couple since young, to the unique and lively animation clip which shared with us details of their courtship relationship, roars of laughters often broke out beyond control among the guests. This explicitly reveals how the guests shared and enjoyed these wonderful memories with our newly wed. 🙂 A quick glimpse of…

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Jensen and Sharon, 20 Nov 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Zheng Quan’s thoughts: Thanks, Jensen, for sending us the photo-highlights of your wedding! Band: Zheng Quan, Ji Xiang, Fabian Fabian Zheng Quan Repertoire: If We Hold On Together (1st March In), 明天我要嫁给你 (Marry You Tomorrow), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 你是我最深爱的人 (You’re The One I Love The Most), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), You’re Still The One, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Fly Me To The Moon, Always, It Might Be You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Endless…

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Gary and Elaine, 22 Oct 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Judy’s thoughts: Coming soon! Band: Judy, Clarence, Ivan L-R: Ivan, Judy, Elaine, Gary, Clarence Repertoire: Wedding March (1st march-in), Unchained Melody, Perfect Moment, 最浪漫的事 (The Most Romantic Thing), I’m Your Angel, 出嫁 (Getting Married), You’re Still The One, I Just Called You Mine, When A Man Loves A Woman, 明天你要嫁给你 (Marry You Tomorrow), Wonferful Tonight, I Know (2nd march-in) Compliments: Dear Judy.. Just wanna say a BIG thank you to A LITTLE DREAM!! Although I didnt get the chance to…

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Sally and Elton, 24 Sep 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Audrey’s thoughts: 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency) I admit, I love to "tekan" bridegrooms and their 兄弟. Hence I always look forward to watching video clips of morning gatecrashing games. In that way I may be able to "steal" some ideas for future usage, haha…Sally and Elton’s did leave quite an impression in me, so I thought I will like to share in this blog entry. Kudos to Sally and Elton for forming a creative team of 姐妹 and having such spontaneous…

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Francis and Jessica, 18 Sept 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Christina’s Thoughts: Bubbly Francis and Jessica seemed to be a really bubbly, exciting and fun couple. I particularly enjoyed the wedding montage because it was lively and creative. They must be music lovers, singing for them was a really pleasant experience because of the random smiles that they flashed at us. Seated at dinner, I could see Jessica singing along with the song with a blissful smile worn on her face. It’s a heart warming sight to see the bride and…

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Bee Chin and Kian Meng, 11 Sep 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Tanya’s thoughts: Grow Old With You Henry struck me as a stoic and devoted guy and when he told us about his and Bee Chin’s love story, the impression he left was indellible. He emphasised how his wife is his family’s main pillar of support when he was tied up with work commitments and how accommodating she is towards his needs. This wedding, in his words, ‘is mainly for her’. Though Henry seemed a wee bit nervous before the dinner started,…

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Cal and Ginny, 3 Jul 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Judy’s thoughts: 一支小雨伞 (A Small Umbrella) The couple had specially requested for me to learn a song, which I almost said no to due to time constraints. However, they felt that it was a song they really wanted so I obliged. It was drizzling slightly when I made my way to Furama Riverfront and it naturally made me think of the song I had specially learnt for the couple “一支小雨伞” (A Small Umbrella). I suppose it was a clear indication…

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Mellissa and Joowell, 24 Jun 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Zheng Quan’s Thoughts: Band: Zheng Quan, Clarence & Ivan L-R: Ivan, Joowell, Mellissa, Clarence, Zheng Quan Repertoire: You Can Let Go Now Daddy (1st March-in), Ribbons In The Sky (2nd march-in), Grow Old With You, Love Me, If We Hold On Together, From This Moment On, Have I Told You Lately, I Do Cherish You, Wind Beneath My Wings Compliments from Mellissa: Thank you! Hey guys, I apologise for this late late review on your fabulous performance on my special day. You guys were great, especially when you were able to…

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Chern Ann and Jolene, 8 May 2010, Furama Riverfront (Venus Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: Love, Me This was a special night for Chern Ann and Jolene, a loving couple who met each other in NTU and were long-time friends before love blossomed about six years ago. I think they have the formula for a lasting marriage as they had many things in common, including a love for buffets (though I could not tell from Jolene’s hour-glass figure!), and even work in the same company, Schneider Electric! We were engaged by the couple…

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Kuan Han and Zilin, 3 Apr 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Ji Xiang’s thoughts: 遇上爱 (Encountering Love) The first thing that caught my interest when I first stepped into Venus ballroom was the sheer number of tables for the wedding celebrations. Kuan Han and Zilin are indeed blessed to have the company of many friends and relatives who came to witness their pledge of love to each other. The guests’ support and love for the couple were evident and well encapsulated in their energetic and enthusiastic run during the Yum Seng…

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Guoliang and Zhiting, 26 Mar 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts: 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Hold Big Hands) Some couples have what some call “夫妻相”, which means they look a lot like each other. Zhi Ting and Guoliang were alike in terms of personality. Zhi Ting’s sweet and pleasant demeanour was evident from the way we chatted about the wedding details over the phone. Guoliang was also very friendly and personable. He made sure we were well fed when we arrived for the sound check by handing us our dinner…

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Ervine and Candy, 30 Jan 2010, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront

Ariel’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple) I knew this was going to an amazing night the moment I met the newly weds, Ervine and Candy. They were fun-loving and showed great amount of energy prior to the wedding dinner. In fact, they dispensed with all formality and went around mingling with their loved ones and guests before the dinner, only disappearing for a brief moment to get ready for their first march in. The band was wowed when the…

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Cindy and Jason, 6 Mar 09, Venus Ballroom, Furama Riverfront (Wedding Live Band)

Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 说不出的快活 (Unspoken Happiness) “Jason is my best friend, buddy and lover! I feel so fortunate to spend the rest of my life with him. Cherishing him more every day will be my top priority! Jason and Cindy enjoyed reading this blog, but one thing worried them: “Hi Hsin Yeow, Jason sings like a duck! So hope you guys can let him off yah! Both of us have seen your journal entries and most of the time, the…

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