Mary & Say Tiong, 7 Dec 19 @ One 15 Marina (Constellation Ballroom) (Wedding Singer/Live Band Music)

Thank you Mary & Say Tiong for engaging Felicia (vocals) and Wilson (guitar) for your wedding celebration. And we love this fairy-lights lit aisle! Here’s wishing Mary & Say Tiong a blissful and bountiful marriage! Repertoire: 1) First March-in: Marry Me – Train 2) Second March-in: Perfect – Ed Sheeran 1) Chasing Cars – Sleeping At Last 2) Close To You – The Carpenters 3) Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra 4) Heaven – Bryan Adams 5) I…

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Jaslyn & Daniel, 26 Oct 19, Azalea Room (Shangril-La) (Wedding Singer/Emcee / Live Band)

Daniel met Jaslyn back in 2008 when they both helped out at a friend’s wedding; they did not take special notice of each other, but as fate would have it, they met during a dinner with friends 7 years down the road, and only realised that their paths had crossed upon further conversations. Daniel took it as a cue from fate to pursuit Jaslyn….  And the rest was history…! Thank you Daniel & Jaslyn for engaging Felicia (vocals & emcee)…

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Hotel Fort Canning Wedding Live Band Music Emcee

Sylvia & Eugene, 28 Sept 19, Hotel Fort Canning (Lavender Ballroom) (Wedding Live Band Music)

Sylvia & Eugene had one of the most relaxing celebrations that we’d ever witnessed! The couple spent the whole evening mingling with the guests, who made many spontaneous song requests to the live band (Yokez on vocals and Wilson on guitar & vocals). Thank you Sylvia for taking the time to pen such a wonderful review for us! (Scroll down for wedding repertoire) Congratulations to Sylvia & Eugene, we wish you many mini Sylvia-Eugene very soon!! 🙂   Excellent spread…

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Genevieve and Junwei, 22 Jun 19 @ Intercontinental Hotel (Bras Basah Room)

Junwei and Genevieve had a part of their love story sounding like the synopsis of a Korean serial drama – he had declared his feelings for her at Marina Barrage, but because the date went on till the wee hours, they had to hitch a ride on a construction vehicle back due to a lack of transport at that hour! Thank you for letting Yokez (vocals + emcee) and Wilson (guitar) to be a part of your wedding celebration. Our…

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Intercontinental Hotel Singapore Wedding

Roy & Min, 16 Jun 19 @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront (Grand Ballroom) (Wedding Singer/Emcee/MC/Live Band Music)

Thank you Roy & Min for having Yokez (vocals & emcee) and Alex (vocals & piano) perform at your wedding celebration ! Repertoire: A thousand years – 1st March-in 在每一秒裡都想見到你 – 2nd March-in 告白氣球 最重要的决定 彈唱 每天愛你多一些 Marvin gaye Can’t take my eyes off you 谢谢妳爱我 豆浆油条 Valentine (Kina Grannis) Just the way you are 恋爱频率 dear future husband 你是我心里的一首歌 最浪漫的事 Can’t stop the feeling Perfect Dancing in the moonlight 就是愛妳

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David and Theodora, 3 Jul 2010, The Sentosa Spa & Resort (Wedding Live Band)

Ariel’s thoughts: 真情流露 (My True Emotions Revealed) When Matthew, Wilson and I were invited to perform at David’s wedding, we were honestly blown away by the couple’s request for a 4-set gig. Full of expectations that this was gonna be a night to remember, I brought all my lyrics just in case the party could not be contained! And as it turned out, the celebrations went beyond all our expectations. First off, David and Theodore dispensed with all formalities and…

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Joyce and Melvin, 11 Jun 2010, Novotel Clarke Quay (Wedding Live Band)

Cheryl’s thoughts: 至少还有你 (At Least There Is You) Joyce & Melvin’s wedding was a night of firsts for me. It was the first time I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and quirky Hui Ming, and the talented and patient Wilson. There were quite a few firsts in the repertoire too, which are now playing on repeat in my head, particularly 我喜欢 (I Like) and 你是我心内的一首歌 (You Are A Song In My Heart) – both super cute and…

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Lay San and William, M Hotel, 26 May 2010, M Hotel, Banquet Suite (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: 突然想爱你 (Suddenly Thought Of Loving You) Lay San and William have put in extra efforts in choosing the songs for their march-ins. For their first entrance, they have selected 天天夜夜 (Day And Night) as it was the first song which Lay San and William have sung together. As for the second march-in, they chose a song made popular by a Taiwanese drama serial 突然想爱你 (Suddenly Thought Of Loving You), as the lyrics expressed how Lay San felt…

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Tanny and Peng Wai,15 May 2010, Fullerton Hotel (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Bing’s Thoughts: You and Me  I think Fullerton Hotel is one of the nicest hotels around, with its regal architecture and décor, as well as its rich history. More info at this link. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fullerton_Hotel_Singapore). Tanny and Peng Wai’s wedding was held in the main ballroom.  I haven’t performed there in a while, and I almost forgot how beautiful the ballroom was, with its tall ceilings and long staircase leading straight to the stage. Perfect for a wedding march-in. 🙂 Tanny…

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Jannis and Dennis, 12 Dec 09 (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Ming’s thoughts: Band: Hui Ming, Wilson, Linus L-R: Linus, Wilson, Dennis, Jannis, Hui Ming Repertoire: Wedding March (1st march), La Vie En Rose (1st dish), My Valentine, L-O-V-E, What A Wonderful World, 一比一 (One To One), 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Holding Big Hands), I Do (Cherish You), 有你真好 (It’s So Good To Have You), Wonderful Tonight, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You 今天你要嫁给我 (Today You’re Marrying Me) (2nd March In), 被风吹过的夏天 (Windy Summer), 出嫁 (Getting Married), Ti Amore, 明明很爱你…

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Michelle and Zhiliang, 6 Dec 09, Forest Lodge, Singapore Zoo (Wedding Live Band)

Imelda’s thoughts: Somewhere Out There I’ve been to the zoo a few times these past two years since my son Joshua was born. But never did I think that I would have the chance to go to the zoo to sing for a wedding celebration. It was a rather interesting experience for Wah Yong, Wilson and I to “fast walk” our way back to the entrance after our performance, in almost absolute pitch darkness, using only our basic instincts to…

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Beng Yang and Sian Li, 5 Dec 09, Mandai Orchid Garden (Wedding Live Band)

Audrey’s thoughts: 我是你的垃圾车 If you had a chance, will you choose to be a “Bun Soh Qia” (hokkien for 垃圾车)? Newly-wed Beng Yang and Sian Li don’t mind being one at all, because they want to tell each other “虽然你脾气坏 对待朋友又差 凸槌又更爱牵拖 佳在你遇到我 不爱计较的我 算你坏人有好命 我走路你坐车 你吃饭我洗碗 你被欺负我拼命 若为了爽到你 可以艰苦到我 因为 咱缘分不可散 有你 我才未孤单 有你的陪伴 我才有靠山 你若不爽 我是你的垃圾车 每天 听你的心声 有你 我才未孤单 有你的陪伴 我才有靠山 你若欢喜 我是你的垃圾车 每天 为你唱歌” Yes, 垃圾车 was actually the song they chose for their second march…

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Terence and Cindy, 10 Nov 09, Marina Mandarin (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s thoughts: Come What May The wedding of Terence and Cindy was held at the Marina Mandarin Singapore. The couple decided on a selection of songs for the evening which had one thing in common: they were songs that were extremely romantic, with moving melodies and lyrics. I felt too, the songs were very reflective of Terence and Cindy, as well as their love for each other. From the morning “gate crashing” events, Terence was spotted (with his brothers) eating…

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Daniel and Yanling, 1 Nov 09, Pacific Ballroom, Pan Pacific (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Ming’s thoughts: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 做為一對 默契應該是不可少的吧? 你敢接受考驗嗎? 第一次看到新人在婚禮上玩默契遊戲。 新人必須分別回答一些有關他們交往的細節 並把答案寫在白板上 不准偷看、或互通訊息。 題目如 兩人初吻的地點、 送給彼此最浪漫的禮物、 等等… 答錯了必須受到“懲罰”。 不過擁抱、接吻之類的,像獎賞多於懲罰吧? 即使都答對了, 也硬被說成是答錯了。 表面上有些無奈 但受罰時卻又一幅開開心心的樣子。 在一旁的我們 也不禁會心一笑。 怎麽都好, 我想他們也是想要讓在場的賓客笑一笑吧。 Band: Hui Ming, Wilson, Ivan L-R: Hui Ming, Daniel, Yanling, Ivan, Wilson Thanks to the awesome Gabriel Mendes, we have these beautiful photos from the wedding! Repertoire: Cant Take My Eyes Off You, L-O-V-E, Eternal Flame, Fallen, Forever Love, I Love You, Close To You, 追 (Chase), First Love, Hitomi…

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Darren and Veron, 26 Oct 09, Marriott (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s thoughts: My Destiny It was a lovely night at the wedding of Veron and Darren. Firstly, the march-in of the couple was extremely unique. Veron and Darren had requested for me to start the march-in singing the song L.O.V.E. The isle was warmly lit with tealights and little bubbles blown into the air. After me, two of the most adorable kids entered, stopping at times to wave at the guests, sending everyone into a photo frenzy. Finally, the couple…

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Candy and Choon Khiang, 25 Oct 09, Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport (Wedding Live Band)

Hui Ming’s thoughts: La Vie En Rose 在機場舉行婚禮。 聼起來挺浪漫的。 仰望天空,有一架架飛機, 划過蔚藍色的天際。 多美麗的畫面。 現實與幻想雖有出入, 但相同的是 — 一樣美麗。 一對新人很匹配。 新娘感性,新郎穩重。 而讓我印象深刻的是他們都極爲隨和。 在選曲的過程, 不斷詢問我們的意見。 他們說希望我們能夠表演自己喜歡的歌曲, 這樣一來 我們會唱得開心, 而唱出來的情感會更爲真誠。 宴會廰以花園爲主題。 天花板的設計 類似樹影, 營造出花園獨有的寧靜氛圍。 在這樣瑰麗的環境底下行禮 相信這對新人 也將會擁有一場絢麗的玫瑰人生吧。 Band: Hui Ming, Wilson, James L-R: Hui Ming, Choon Khiang, Candy, Wilson, James Repertoire: La Vie En Rose (1st March In), Dream A Little Dream, 最浪漫的事, Love Will Keep Us Alive, 恋爱频率, 遇见, 爱是你眼里的一首情歌, I’m Yours, 今天你要嫁給我, Quando Quando Quando Fallen (2nd March In), 牵手, Somewhere over The…

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Yuen Ha and Christine, 3 Oct 09, Roland Restaurant (Wedding Live Band)

Juliet’s thoughts: Wonderful Tonight It’s just not same gigging with friends,… better! The synergy we felt as a team was also felt by the audience who gave us really kind and encouraging compliments at the end of the show. It would be doing them disservice to underplay their being such grrreat listeners. Nothing is more encouraging than our music being received and enjoyed. It was a real pleasure playing and singing for the lovely couple tonight. The highlight of the…

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Suzanne and William, 3 Oct 09, Megu Hall, Singapore Flyer (Wedding Live Band)

Serene’s thoughts: When I Fall In Love The wedding of William and Suzanne was a breath of fresh air. The couple’s solemnisation ceremony was held outdoors, against breathtaking views of clear skies, the Singapore Flyer and the Marina Bay Waterfront. A full-length glass window on one side of the room set the perfect backdrop for afternoon, allowing plenty of natural light into the hall, and enabling guests and relatives to indulge in the lovely views surrounding the Megu Event Hall where…

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Jiahui and Zhiyong, 21 Sep 09, Holiday Inn Atrium (Wedding Live Band)

Ein Ein’s thoughts: The Gift 这次,终于到我负起这个重任…(手抖..).. 想起了n年前,我曾为 ALD blog 了一个婚礼。想起了那样的战战兢兢,更想不到当年的‘小学生作文’还有今天的下集… (汗,真感谢 Hsin Yeow 和 Bev 的信任)。 好,开始了哦!:) (认真) ===== 这次的band,让我重遇好久不见的炯顺。因为他工作上过于忙碌,已经有段时间没有一起合作了。炯顺是我的老拍挡,我们从 ALD 刚成立时,就时常合作了。所以这次终于再次相聚,实在让我很期待:) 炯顺因为担心会生疏,所以我们也特地在他工作午休时间,抽出空挡来讨论和练习。目的就是呈献最好的演出,希望为 Jiahui 和 Zhiyong 的婚宴增添喜悦浪漫的气氛。这次的曲目不例外,也是由新人亲自挑选的,我想作为筹备婚宴的这一部分–小两口决定要用哪首爱的主题曲,考虑来宾喜爱听什么歌–这应该是充满乐趣的吧。:) 新人选的 1st march in 是浪漫的合唱曲 The Gift,first dish 则是轻快的 L-O-V-E。当我弹奏到间中的部分,突然听到一把非常稳健的声音,请大家开始用餐,并介绍我们的Band。这不是别人,正是‘我们家’的 Judy!这让我非常惊讶!原因是和 Judy 合作了几次,从来不知道原来她也有主持的才华!好厉害!:-D 我想,新人显然非常懂来宾的心――当晚的每一首歌,都获得了许多掌声。让我们三人也表演的很尽兴。(看到来宾们放下手中的筷子来鼓掌,我很想对桌上的美食说 sorry。:P)后来Uncle, (应该是新娘的爸爸),还过来递给我们一个红包!实在太好人了啦。:-D haha.. Nigel 是..(新郎名)的 brother,也是当晚婚宴的 coordinator。整个晚上看得出他非常的尽心尽力,确保一切进行顺利无误,同时也很照顾我们。这样的认真,也让他们俩的兄弟情不言而喻。 2nd march in 之后,新人敬完酒就回席,真是让我手足无措!因为少了新人的献辞,我..我..我要blog什么呢?可是现在回想起来,虽然少了言辞,但从现场许多欢乐温馨的画面,真的不难感觉到他们与亲友来宾之间的深厚感情。 身为键盘手,虽然很少有机会能和新人互动,(除了结束时握手言谢和拍照)虽然只是静静坐在一旁弹琴,但能参与其中,分享这份喜悦, 我还是觉得快乐和幸福的。:) 最后…, 献上深深的祝福!^__^ Band: Judy, Ein Ein, Wilson Repertoire: The Gift (1st March in), L-O-V-E (1st Dish), 爱很简单, 每天愛你多一些, Way Back Into Love, When I Fall In Love,…

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