Emcee: Bevlyn 

Ben and Yin Wen got to know each other in Secondary three when Yin Wen transferred to the same school, same class as Ben. Ben really wanted to know Yin Wen’s number but he didn’t dare to approach her, so he took a peek at the class contact list! That was a sneaky one, but considering that Yin Wen is now his wife, we say that that was the right move!

Congratulations to Ben and Yin Wen on reaching the finish line of the marathon, and all the very best to the start of a new one.

p.s. In all my years of emceeing and wedding singing, it’s the first time I see brothers dressing up in SWAT uniforms (complete with stockings pulled over their heads) when they went to receive the bride #ideaoftheday
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Pin Si Kitchen Ballroom

Pin Si Kitchen Ballroom

And thank you Ben for the kind compliment, this really keeps us going!

Ben's Testimonial