Here’s a useful article in the latest issue of Her World Brides. It talks about what to look out for when selecting a band to perform at your wedding. Pretty straightforward, although the last paragraph is rather perplexing.

By Eugene Wee

It’s no longer enough to just hand over a couple of CDs to the audiovisual engineer along with a note telling him what tracks to play.

Many couples now prefer “live” music entertainment at their weddings, be it a professional DJ, string quartet, or even a rock band.

Unlike an iPod set to shuffle mode, “live” entertainers add energy and a special spark to the occasion.


You could consider auditioning the DJs and bands on your list before making a decision. That way, you can see which band or DJ has the vibe and energy you’re looking for.

If you can’t catch their gigs, ask for a recording of their performances. Better yet, see if they have a video of their performances so you can see and hear them in action.

It is also advisable to interview the bands and DJs. Find out how long the band has been together, how many weddings they have performed at, how much they charge, if they have references or testimonials from past clients, etc.

Don’t forget to ask candidates for their playlist or repertoire to have an idea if they’ll be able to perform the genre of music or specific songs you’d like.


Other issues to consider:

Dress code Are they required to wear outfits that suit your theme?

Special requests Do you want them to learn or play a song that’s not in their regular repertoire?

Logistics Do you need extra equipment or stage setup?

Schedule What time should they set up and get ready to perform? How long do they stay?

Significant events Give them a timetable with all the key events, for example the walk down the aisle, first dance, etc.

Overtime What happens if the wedding drags on? How much do they charge for overtime?

Insist on a contract with the band or DJ which includes details like price, duration of service, date, time and location of your wedding, the equipment they will provide, etc.


For wedding banquets, the band normally plays three sets, spread out throughout the evening.

Bands can play the first set during cocktails as guests are arriving. They can end their first set with a piece to accompany the couple’s march-in. This provides some entertainment while people wait, and urges guests to get seated instead of lingering around. The second set coincides with the start of the wedding dinner.

As for the final set, you could have the band play your favourite love song after the cake-cutting or you can have your first dance. Or if you want the band to provide music for guests to dance near the end of the dinner, get them to play once dessert is served.

(Remarks: Eh? Final set after cake-cutting? This typically takes place right after the first march-in, so how can this be?

Also, it’s not a good idea for the band to play the couple’s favourite love song after cake-cutting, because they won’t be staying on stage for that long, and it’s a bit of a waste to play it just for a few bars.

If the second set coincides with the start of the dinner, then the third set should commence after the second march-in.)

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