When it comes to music, one of the toughest decisions for couples to make could be selecting their first and second march-in songs.

Through experience, I’ve learnt that what works for one couple can be anathema to the next.

Still, if you want some kind of reference, take a look at:

The Unofficial A Little Dream Chart Of March-In Songs

We have…

No. 5!

It Had To Be You

For a grand entrance, you might want to consider using the Harry Connick Jr version. It has a kick-ass arrangement which starts off like a Broadway musical number, with clashing cymbals even. I also have the minus-one of that song, so I could sing over it while you and your partner strut into the ballroom.

Example: Pennie and Derren

No. 4!

For The First Time

This song has Romance oozing out of its pores. Have been told that the litmus test of love is the ability to face your partner every day and not get bored by what you see. It’s like seeing everything for the first time.

Example: Silvia and Kelvin

The Top Three!

No. 3!

The Gift

Doesn’t matter if you have never seen “winter snow falling down, children laughing all around…”, you can surely identify with the sentiment that love is a precious and priceless gift.

Example: Esmond and Gwendolyn

No. 2!

From This Moment

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that this song is in danger of being played so often that couples actually request not to have it in the repertoire. Which is a shame the song has meaningful lyrics and a great melody. Unfortunately, some songs have a sell-by date, so maybe it should lie low for a while.

Example: Charlene and Almas

and finally…

No. 1!

I’ve Finally Found Someone

I have no idea how diva Barbra Streisand chooses her male partner for duets, because never in my life would I think of raspy-voiced rocker Bryan Adams. Yet this odd combination works because the song’s signature opening grabs listeners from the start, and actually makes them believe that the two singers are in love. Technically, this song is a pain to perform though. Which other song changes key six times?

Example: Jerlyn and Jowie