Hsin Yeow’s thoughts:

Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart have done wedding singers like me a whole lot of good. The classic love songs they covered recently are very popular with my clients, so it makes it easier for me to source for the mp3s.

Although I enjoy singing L-O-V-E and When I Fall In Love, two of the most frequently requested jazz songs, here are some of my favourites which I’ve never had the chance to perform before:

My One And Only Love (Update: Sung at Lynette and Leslie’s wedding!)

I love everything about this song: the heartfelt lyrics; the touching melody; and how both elements combine seamlessly to create aural magic. Go listen to the version by Sting, it never fails to reduce me to mush.

Thou Swell

I find the tune of this song so infectious it makes my two left feet feel like dancing. Impossible to perform without a full jazz band, so I guess I’ll have to keep wishin’ and hopin’.

Let’s Fall In Love (Update: Sung at Simon and Shu Ling’s wedding!)

Beautiful in its simplicity, the song just makes me want to ask the person next to me, “Let’s fall in love, shall we?”

I’m Beginning To See The Light (Update: Sung at Jamie and Charlie’s wedding!)

The lyrics are so naughty witty and funny. I can imagine singing the song with a sly wink and a knowing grin.

That’s All (Update: Sung at Lynette and Leslie’s wedding!)

This song is perfect for a wedding, and I really identify with its lyrics.

There you have it: my wish list!