Hsin Yeow’s thoughts:

Not all the songs I enjoy are jazz, so I’ve compiled another list of songs that I hope to sing in the near future:

Overjoyed (Update: Sung at Willie and Jolene’s wedding!)

One of my favourite songs by Stevie Wonder, enough said.

Love Is A Wonderful Thing

I’m not a big fan of Michael Bolton’s voice, but I think I’ll have a lot of fun singing this one.

Get Here (Update: Sung at Gregory and Joanna’s wedding!)

One of my favourite songs of all time. Not the most appropriate song for a wedding, I admit, but it’s a change from all the lovey-dovey tunes don’t you think?

These Are The Moments (Update: Sung at Jeremy and Sue’s wedding!)

I’m surprised none of my clients has asked me to sing this gem of a song. It has honest, heartfelt lyrics and a powerful melody, who could ask for more?

Here There Everywhere (Update: Sung at Lynette and Leslie’s wedding!)

Love the melody; it touches me so. Hope I can do it justice if I do get to sing it.

I could go one forever, so I’ll stop for now. There’s still some time to my next wedding performance, so I might just come up with a list of songs of another genre (maybe Mandarin pop?).