1. Set The Ambience – Good ‘live’ music provides the magic touch to liven up the ambience of any event; and YOU are totally in control of the ambience you would like your wedding to have:

Romantic ambience with ballads or jazz songs

Top40 hits for an upbeat and party vibe

Classic songs for a touch of elegance

….. all customisable just like how you would with the wedding theme, floral colours, or wedding favours…


2.  Select The Songs You and Your Guests Would Enjoy – An experienced ‘live’ band will have a long list of repertoire suitable for weddings, but as the host of the wedding, you are in the best position to select the songs that will cater to the tastes of your guests! ‘Live’ music works its magic best when your guests’ faces light up upon recognising songs they love (and sing, or even dance along to)!


3. Keep Your Guests Occupied – We all know how great it is to catch up with friends and families at wedding dinners. Even then, nothing beats watching a ‘live’ band when you have run out of topics, got bored with updating your feed on Facebook/Instagram, or waiting in between dishes. Simply put, ‘live’ music is the perfect filler, especially if your guests can interact with the band by sending in their song requests!


4. You Can Perform – for a very memorable wedding! To break out of the wedding mould, you could sing a song to serenade your other half. Some grooms or brides choose to surprise their spouse by springing a song with the band; we also have grooms (and brides) who march-in and sing down the aisle. To recount, we even had a groom (in our 13 years of wedding-sing) compose a song, sing and play the song on stage as a dedication to his wife. ‘Live’ bands also provide the perfect music accompaniment for any of your friends or family members who would like to perform a song dedication to you. Many years down the road, many of your guests probably would not remember much about the venue, floral decorations or the gown (sorry to say that!!); but many would remember that YOU (or your friends/family members) performed! (And that you had fantastic ‘live’ music at your wedding)


5. Song Dedications To Your Loved Ones – With a ‘live’ band at your wedding, one of the many things you can count on is to have them read out your specially crafted dedications before they sing the songs you select for your spouse/parents/wedding entourage etc. We recall a couple dedicating almost every single song to their parents, wedding entourage, colleagues, groups of friends (specially categorised into primary, secondary and tertiary friends). Everyone was wondering when the band would perform a song specially just for them. Talk about anticipation for the guests at a wedding!


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