The lead up to a wedding day can be a stressful one with many coordinations to make, and it’s also not surprising to hear many couples say that their special day went by in a flash! If you’d like your spouse to enjoy a moment of love and feel touched on the big day, we have a few ideas for you….

This acoustic cover of “Marry Me” was dedicated from Choo Yee to his wife Evelyn as a surprise gift on their wedding day (29 Sept 2012):


Denis & Alicia’s sister Christina sprang a surprise on them by arranging a Youtube video as a wedding gift  (song chosen by Christina) :


Do you love to sing? How about featuring yourself in a surprise video dedication? Here’s what David did for their 10th-year anniversary!


Or how about putting together a montage of photos/videos with an acoustic twist to to your favourite song?


It is a splendid idea too if you are proposing…….


With the video, you can:

1) Spring a surprise on your other half by letting her view it only at the banquet!

2) Share the video with your families and friends at the banquet as well

3) Reminisce from time to time checking back on the YouTube video, a testimony of your partner’s love!