Judy’s thoughts: You Mean Everything to Me

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon as Boon Chye, Matthew and I made our way to Amara Sancuary. It was my first time performing there and that made me rather excited.

The hotel was designed in a way that reminded me very much of a spa, and I love spas so it was a very welcoming sight. As the 3 of us took a little short walk towards the restaurant, I envisioned a happy, chirpy and lively wedding reception.

True enough, the event came to life during our second set when all the guests had had their fill (of the delicious buffet) and started to warm up to the band and enjoying our song selections.

In fact, one of the guests (Robertson, the bride’s brother-in-law) decided to come up and sing and really entertained us all! The party got even better when Sara’s Dad came up to the band and requested to sing! How could we say no? And so Sara’s Dad serenaded the guests with “You Mean Everything to Me” while Andrew and Sara danced along.

From then on, the whole restaurant was filled with much laughter and joy as Sara’s Dad handed the mic over to Sara’s sister who made everyone clap along to her lovely rendition of L.O.V.E. 🙂 They were all really good!!

It was a lovely, cosy event that warmed my heart, as I watch the guests enjoying themselves so heartily, as they celebrated the special occasion with Andrew and Sara. I wish the couple all the best in their journey ahead 🙂

Band: Judy, Matthew, Boon Chye


Everything In Its Time, Someone Like You, 感谢你用心爱着我 (Thank You For Putting Your Heart Into Loving Me), As Time Goes By, Can’t Fight This Feeling, Grow Old With Me, My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose, Two Less Lonely People In The World, 温柔的夜 (The Gentle Night), Head Over Feet, Lovely, Sunshine, Sway, Sweet Happy Life, A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel), La Vie En Rose, 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart)