Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple)

When Claris first contacted us, she wanted to engage a singer and musician. After listening to Bevlyn and myself perform at a wedding fair, she decided to stretch her budget and engage both of us instead. We’re really glad she did, because we could sing the numerous duets chosen for the wedding: 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious One), 选择 (Choice), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency), 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart), 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today), 天天夜夜 (Day And Night) and In Love With You. These duets helped set the right mood for a romantic night, and we really enjoyed singing them.

When asked to select a song that best fits their relationship, Seng Hwee chose 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), and dedicated it to Claris after his thank-you speech. I thought it was a brilliant choice, because the message of the song is clear: I love you, pure and simple.

When I revealed that Seng Hwee had declined to sing the song himself because of stage fright, Claris responded immediately, “In that case, get him to sing it offstage!” Seng Hwee looked stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered his composure. Perhaps he’d already guessed what I’d do next: pass him the microphone while he was seated next to Claris. All he had to do was sing the first three words of the chorus, and he did so with gusto. Claris, as well as all the other guests in the ballroom, heard those three words: I love you. And that was enough.

Congratulations Seng Hwee and Claris!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Bevlyn, Linus


From This Moment (1st March-in), Forever Love, My Valentine, When You Say Nothing At All, 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious One), 明天我要嫁给你 (I’m Marrying You Tomorrow), 我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You), 选择 (Choice), 做你的男人 (Be Your Man), 约定 (Promise), 恋爱频率 (Love Frequency)

When You Tell Me That You Love Me (2nd March-in), 爱很简单 (Love Is Very Simple), Eternal Flame, 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re A Song In My Heart), 中箭 (Cupid’s Arrow), Beautiful Love, 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today), 兩只恋人 (Two Lovers), 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My Heart), 嫁给我 (Marry Me), Because You Loved Me, 天天夜夜 (Day And Night), In Love With You