Hui Bing’s Thoughts: Love Paradise

Edward and Ruijuan first met at the Singapore Garden Festival almost two years ago, but before that, they were already chatting over the internet. When he told Ruijuan that meeting strangers from the net may not be safe for gals, Ruijuan felt at that moment that this is the man she can trust, and she continued to meet up with Edward. The rest is history.

Their union was a simple, yet warm affair. They said that they want to make themselves relaxed, with not many movements and chose songs along this theme. Indeed, the couple decided to do away with the second march-in and prefer to mingle and enjoy themselves at this occasion.

Jixiang and I had a great time performing for their guests. The oldies which they particularly selected, such as Rainbow Connection and How Deep Is Your love, were received warmly by their guests.

What touched me most about that evening was the warmth and sincerity from Edward and Ruijuan. Though it’s the first time we met, I was put at ease immediately by their gentle, unpretentious demeanour.

Dear Edward and Ruijuan, wishing you two a lifetime of happiness, as sweet and lovely as the gardens and flowers at the Singapore Garden Festival!

Band: Hui Bing and Jixiang


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (1st march), Can’t Smile Without You, It Might Be You, Quando, Quando, Quando, Rainbow Connection, Only You, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss me, More Than Words

Love Paradise, 两个人 (Two People), How Deep Is Your Love, Lost In Your Eyes, I Love How You Love Me, Falling For You, Bubbly, I Will, Que Sara Sara, Fly Me To The Moon, Dream A Little Dream, Sway