Band: Jeremy, Shimona, Feri, Fabian

L-R: Feri, Shimona, Eric, Amie, Jeremy, Fabian




Bubbly, Close To You, Fallen, Kiss Me, You’ve Got A Friend, Heaven, Can’t Smile Without You, You Raise Me Up, I’m Yours, Everlasting Love, Now And Forever, Your Song

Tonight I Celebrate My Love (2nd march-in), Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars), Forever Love, 童话 (Fairytale), 完美 (Perfect), Lucky, Way Back Into Love, So Much In Love


Dear Hsin Yeow and Team,

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and your team. It has been such a wonderful experience.

At first, Eric was quite against having a band in the wedding but after the wedding, he was more than happy to have given me the “green” light for this. 🙂

The feedback we received from our family and friends were all very positive. “The music is great!”, “Great Great Vocals”, “The band was terrific, really lift up the whole atmosphere” and many more 🙂

After watching the DVD of the wedding, the feedback from our families and friends were 100% correct. Your team were really awesome and really made our day 🙂

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to Shimona, Jeremy, Fabian and Feri.
Thank you!!!!

Wish you and your team all the best in your future upcoming events.

Warmest Regards,
Eric & Amie