Eleanor’s thoughts: C’est Magnifique

When Grace and Jasper came into the ballroom to introduce themselves to me before their wedding banquet, the first phrase to pop into my mind was a Mandarin one: “lao fu lao qi” which translates to “old married couple.” Grace and Jasper may have only just become man and wife, but the easy, comfortable dynamic between them and shared sense of wry humour spoke of a deep, loving mutual understanding built over a long time together.

Indeed, the couple had been dating for several years, and the inevitability of their eventual marriage was summed up by Grace in one sentence: “There were no surprises.” The only decisions leading up to their engagement in which Grace did not participate were the choice of the diamond (good call, Jasper!) and when the proposal would take place.

Jasper managed to sneak the engagement ring into the luggage when they went on holiday together, but unfortunately let the cat out of the bag when he wrongly presumed that she had seen the box in the bag. Jasper recalled that he asked her repeatedly, “So you saw it, right?” Once again, no more surprise. In fact Grace said he finally popped the question in the bathroom while she was washing her face on the last night before they left, and that was only because she had asked him if he was ever going to get around to it while they were still overseas!

As a woman, I felt that Grace was entitled to at least one romantic surprise before her wedding day was over. So, I decided to take advantage of my role as the emcee to spring a little shocker on her and Jasper before inviting their family up onstage for the group toast. I took the champagne glasses out of their hands and offered Jasper a second chance at proposing. In front of all his friends and loved ones. No pressure!

Being a man of few words, Jasper clasped his wife’s hand and improved a little on his original phrasing, which had been: “Dear ah, eh sai bo?” This time he said, “So….can or not?”

Not wanting to push the point, I let him off the hook, and proceeded with the family toast. However, before Jasper and Grace could get to their thank you speeches afterwards, one of his xiong di (groomsmen) bounded onto the stage. Jasper tried to wrestle him off the stage – a highly entertaining moment for everyone present – but to no avail. His friend grabbed the microphone and declared that the xiong di unanimously agreed: “Your proposal cannot make it.”

So Jasper had to go all the way: on bended knee with arms held out in supplication, he declared his love for his beautiful bride, promised her massages, sweet words and unflagging support, and ended with these climactic words: “So, can I get up now?”

Thankfully, Grace knew her husband’s straightforward ways well, and was more than happy to end his ordeal by then. She already knew everything she needed to know, more than any romantic words could express; Grace had told me before the banquet: “We’re completely opposite…but we complement each other. Whatever he needs, I’m there for him, and whatever I find missing in myself, I see in him.”

To Grace and Jasper, one of the most fun couples I have ever met, congratulations and here’s wishing you a beautiful, blissful life together.

Band: Eleanor, Matthew, Melvin, Fabian

L-R: Melvin, Eleanor, Jasper, Grace, Fabian, Matthew


The Way I Am, Fly Me To The Moon, C’est Magnifique, Blue Moon, Lover’s Concerto, Beyond The Sea, Cheek To Cheek, Close To You, Fallen, I’m Beginning To See the Light, It Had To Be You, La Vie En Rose, Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love), L-O-V-E, Paper Moon, ‘S Wonderful, Taking A Chance On Love, Till There Was You



Thanks for the link! Her entry was enjoyable to read! It’s nice and refreshing to see things from the eyes of another…

Her singing was enjoyed very much by our guests, many had great compliments about her and the band. My dad was even curious to know if she had her own album that he could buy. I’m glad we made this choice of working with you guys!

My only regret…? Not being able to sit and enjoy the band as I was busy and hardly stayed long in the ballroom…. sigh….

Nevertheless… Thank you for everything! 🙂

Grace & Jasper