Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: All The Way

I had a great night out with Eleanor, Mei and Fabian!

Joshua and Irene’s wedding was held at the newly reburbished St Regis ballroom, which had new decorative panels on the stage. Take a look below


When I arrived at the ballroom, I saw the swordbearers practising the march-in. And they were serious about it too, and rehearsed a couple of rounds to ensure their timing was perfect. Little did I know they had 4 challenges in store for Joshua and Irene!

Yes, the couple had to brave 4 challenges before they could successfully pass through the swords and reach the stage: swallow a raw egg, chug down a mug of beer, keep kissing while guests clapped, and finally, carry Irene out of the ballroom to show the groom’s strength! Joshua hardly broke a sweat when he did the fourth challenge, so I guess the military training had something to do with it!

The guests really enjoyed the music, and clapped after every song. Eleanor and I also had the fortune of meeting an appreciative guest just before we stepped into the lift. She told us she knew almost every song, except the one about “remote control” (Grow Old With You).

Congratulations, Joshua and Irene! Thank you for having us at your beautiful wedding!

Band: Hsin Yeow, Eleanor, Mei Sheum, Fabian

L-R: Eleanor, Fabian, Joshua, Irene, Mei Sheum, Hsin Yeow


Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Fallen, She, From This Moment, Love Me, If We Hold On Together, So Much In Love, Let It Be Me, Now And Forever, It Might Be You, Somewhere Out There

1234 (2nd march-in), You Raise Me Up, The Way You Look Tonight, Kiss Me, Love Of My Life, All The Way, Grow Old With You, Something Stupid, Everlasting Love, Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love), Sway, I Finally Found Someone