Hsin Yeow’s Thoughts: 我是真的付出我的爱 (I’m Really Giving You My Love)

Kelvin and Xiuli started a blog together in 2008, to “mark the 3 and a half years of our relationship.” The blog is really a window into the personalities of Kelvin and Xiuli, and I enjoyed reading the entries, especially when they gave their personal views on a common topic.

For example, their musings on the perfect proposal. Kelvin got it right when he wrote, “To all guys out there. If you are hoping for a simple marriage proposal, you better think twice. Our ladies are really looking for something special, memorable and truly unforgettable…this is one of the things that you are probably going to do once only in your entire life. Surely you should give some thoughts and put some effort into it right?)”

Kelvin clearly believes in romance, as he informed me of his intention to serenade Xiuli with 我是真的付出我的爱 (I’m Really Giving You My Love), a song that will surely melt her heart.

Audrey, Feri and Fabian provided the entertainment that night. Audrey sang a mix of English and Mandarin songs, including a beautiful number by Alin called PS我爱你 (PS I Love You).

Congratulations Kelvin and Xiuli! May you both enjoy a fulfilling and loving marriage!

Band: Audrey, Feri, Fabian

L-R: Audrey, Xiuli, Kelvin, Feri, Fabian


Lovers’ Concerto (1st March In), Valentine, Endless Love, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Lost In Your Eyes, Falling For You, 同手同脚 (Hand In Hand, Step By Step), 身边 (By Your Side), 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Holding Big Hands), 只有为你 (Only Because Of You), PS我爱你 (PS I Love You), You’re Still The One (2nd March In)


Hi Hsin Yeow,

Happy New Year!

Only managed to hear a few songs and I must say the team is very professional and certainly a highlight for our wedding. Comments from my friends and relatives have been very positive especially for Audrey for both her singing and her hosting skills. The overall atmosphere for the wedding was really good.

Thanks so much for you and your team’s contribution and be sure that I will recommend your team to our friends who are interested and hopefully we will still have opportunities to work together.

Kelvin Chen

Song To Recommend:

PS我爱你 (PS I Love You)