Hui Bing’s Thoughts: That’s When I Love You

A magic show during a wedding? You bet!

It was a special surprise arranged by from one of Meilanny and Agus’ friends, Philips.  Though he professed that he was not a professional, he entertained all of us thoroughly – me and Jixiang included – with his tricks.

The couple’s friend, Philips, entertaining the guests with his magic tricks

One of them involved removing all the ‘gas’ from a shaken soft drink can and ‘transferring’ it to another can with a flick of his magic rod.  It was definitely a memorable wedding lunch!

A real wedding cake with three different flavours in each tier

Ji Xiang and I entertained the guests with a mix of jazz and pop tunes.  I especially enjoyed That’s When I Love You (Ashlyn) and  一人一半 (One Half), which are perfectly suited for the acoustic arrangement of vocals and guitar.

Congratulations, Meilanny and Agus!

Band: Hui Bing & Jixiang


La Vie En Rose, L-O-V-E, Dream A Little Dream, Fly Me To The Moon, A Love That Will Last, Close To You, Lover’s Concerto, 小手拉大手 (Small Hands Holding Big Hands), Grow Old Along With Me, Love Me Tender, Fallen, Come Fly With Me, Everything In Its Time, 遇见 (Encounter), Don’t Know Why, 一人一半 (One Half), 如燕 (Like A Swallow), Just The Way You Are, Kiss Me, So Nice, The Way You Look Tonight, That’s When I Love You


Dear Bevyln,

Thank you for your email.

I would like write a short testimony on how my friends praised Hui Bing and the guitarist for her beautiful voice and accompaniment. She is really a good singer. We are very very pleased with Hui Bing and the guitarist. Even when we requested them to be our MC, they could do it easily and they did an excellent job.  My guests also liked the songs. 

Thank you for being so understanding towards us the other time too. You did not forfeit our deposit, even though our booking was more than a year and you were still as helpful and as professional.

Thank you so much for making our day special and memorable with beautiful voice and music.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,