Bev’s Thoughts: At Last

I got to know Mel because her shop sponsored the pink dress I wore for my album (check out her shop at

And when I got wind that she was getting married, I was thrilled for her! Being a fashion designer, she was probably more particular than anyone else on the theme for the evening….and she decided on the 50s!!
Now the 50s are definitely a dream or a fantasy for the young people these days, but the wedding gave me a glimpse of the 50s (at least in the clothes department). First off, check out her bridal dress and headpiece.

Here’s my little conversations with Ian (hopefully good samples for all grooms):

Episode 1:
Me: “Oh my! Mel is really very pretty today!!”
Ian: “Yes…..(gazing at his lovely bride)…when I first saw her this morning, she really took my breath away…..”

Episode 2:
Me: “Hey Ian, do you know if Mel is going to have a 2nd change of clothes?”
Ian: “Oh….(pause)…I don’t know…:
Me: “You don’t know if she has another set of clothes to change to?”
Ian: “Yah I don’t know….You know I’ve learnt that for a marriage to work well, it’s always better to let the woman decide….

Wail!!! Yes I could hardly believe what I heard :p

Also, I especially LOVE the retro photos they put on the windows of the Verve, which definitely added a touch of nostalgia to the whole atmosphere.

A very free and easy wedding just for close friends, there was not really any tight schedule so to speak. After Mel’s change of clothes, the cute couple took to the dancefloor with the band’s performance of ‘At last’. The song was well-chosen given that they had been marathon-dating before tying the knots!

It was also great to see Eu Lee ( at the wedding too, below are some photographs taken by him.

Photo courtesy of PhotographybyEulee

I picked more uplifting songs for the dance segment, and for those who did not stay behind for the dance bugs, I have to say you really missed all the ago-go dance moves!

L-R: Bevlyn, Mel, Ian & James
Photo courtesy of PhotographybyEulee

Bevlyn & James


La Vie En Rose, So Nice, Let There Be Love, Moon River, C’est Magnifique, L-O-V-E, Unforgettable, Beyond The Sea, C’est Si Bon, Fallen, Everything In Its Time, Love Story

At Last, We’ve Only Just Begun, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, I’m Yours, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Quando Quando Quando, And The Angels Sing, Cheek To Cheek
Compliments from Mel:

Hi bev! We really had a great night! Thanks for making it so wonderful! 🙂