Hsin Yeow’s thoughts: Unbreakable

Paul and Charissa’s wedding is the middle of a triptych of weddings that started with Joanna and Mark’s union in January, and would end with Frederick and Sarina’s reception in December. All three couples are close friends, and I feel honoured to be invited to perform at their weddings.

Joanna was the emcee that evening, and I asked her if she would be springing any sort of surprise on the couple. At first she demurred, and said she wasn’t sure if Charissa’s family would mind. So I said, “Why not ask Paul to do something?” Joanna’s eyes shone with an ‘evil’ glint as a plan germinated in her mind.

With Joanna and Mark

True enough, Joanna surprised Paul by asking him to give Charissa a passionate (by which I mean “French”) kiss. Paul obliged after protesting mildly, to everyone’s delight.

Another highlight were the speeches by Paul and Charissa. Every word was spoken from the heart, as they did not have prepared scripts in hand. Paul almost teared when he thanked his sister (for her boundless creativity in creating a beautiful slideshow) and his brother (for sharing his hopes and dreams and supporting him in whatever he did). Charissa made special mention of her sister, who went through a lot of trouble to apply for leave and fly back to Singapore to attend the wedding. She also thanked her in-laws for renovating Paul’s room to welcome her. She said, “I know what the ‘before’ room was like, so I’m aware of how much effort all of you put in to make the ‘after’ room!”

I took a gamble when Brad and Clarence were playing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and it paid off handsomely. When I did was walk up to Paul and Charissa, who were on the verge of being made to drink copius amounts of alcohol, and asked Paul to sing the chorus of the song to Charissa. Paul, who was probably already slightly drunk at the time, agreed without a moment’s hesitation, and belted with gusto, “I love you baby, if that is quite all right, I need you baby, to warm a lonely night!” Charissa was very amused.

Congratulations Paul and Charissa! Paul, thanks for being so sporting! Thank you once again for engaging us.

Band: Hsin Yeow, Clarence, Brad

L-R: Clarence, Brad, Charissa, Paul, Hsin Yeow

La Vie En Rose (1sta march-in), What A Difference A Day Made, Longer, Better Together, Fallen, Unbreakable, Angels Bought Me Here, Love Me, For The First Time, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, One Boy One Girl, I’m Yours

月亮代表谁的心 (2nd march-in), 追 (Chase), Forever Love, 童话 (Fairytale), 就是爱你 (Just Loving You), 你是我最深爱的人 (You’re The One I Love The Most), 甜蜜蜜 (Honey Sweet), Everything, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Sway

Song To Recommend:

Unbreakable by Westlife – Learnt this new song for Paul and Charissa. Take a listen!