Jo’s thoughts: Love, Me

I wasn’t able to make many weddings in November due to another performance project, but I’m just glad that I was able to make this one.

Pei Xu and Mei Qi had popped down to another wedding where I had been singing at a poolside, to meet me and talk about possibilities for performing for them. Not knowing who the goodlooking twosome walking in my direction were, I was already jealous of the woman’s svelte figure and secretly kept glancing at it to try and discover some secret to looking like that. So I was caught in the act when they came up to introduce themselves.

It turned out that Pei Xu and Mei Qi are not just pretty faces, but affable, and certain of what they wanted, not being awkward about asking questions or looking for suggestions about what would be possible at their wedding, such as how to arrange for their friend to come up to sing, and about song requests. We’re always happy to discuss possibilities and details to make sure your wedding is how you dreamed it to be!

On the day of the wedding itself, one of the main impressions made on the keyboardist Matthew and myself was definitely that yes, Mei Qi has a figure most women would kill for. Both in the videos and in person, she wore an array of dresses including a cheongsam that had us going ‘Wah. Not everyone can wear cheongsam leh.’ and had a soon-to-be-married Matthew taking notes for his wife-to-be’s attire. Also, that Pei Xu is a very charming, nice guy who is obviously very in love, and both of them deserve their happy ever after.

We werent’ the only people sending them well wishes, as the abovementioned singing friend came up to sing “沙灘 + Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by David Tao, modifying the lyrics to make it a happy song about love found. What he did not modify was the tune of the song, down to its ridiculous range, and he hit the high note very impressively, getting huge applause. So it was unavoidable that I had to call him back to do an encore which I harmonised, being Colin Raye’s “Love, Me”, wishing the beautiful bride and gracious groom love and happiness to old age and beyond.

It was a wonderful wedding complete with couple games (it was fun watching them kiss, and they were very good at it. They must have had lots of practice!) and we are grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you Pei Xu and Mei Qi, and God bless!

Band: Josephine, Matthew


If I Ain’t Got You, Mr Beasley, Close To You, How Deep Is Your Love, That’s What Friends Are For, When A Man Loves A Woman, When You Tell Me That You Love Me, Wishin’ And Hopin’, A Love That Will Last, Dream A Little Dream, L-O-V-E, So Nice, Sway, Unforgettable, When I Fall In Love, Leaving On A Jetplane, 沙灘 + Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Love Me, Through The Years