Bevlyn’s thoughts: 恋之憩 (Love’s Resting Place)

Sandy emailed me to say that she would like to sing a song to surprise Peter on their wedding day, and unfortunately there was no time for rehearsal, not even before the wedding day itself. After giving her speech, she shared with everyone that she’d like to sing a song for Peter, and with the band at the other far end of the ballroom giving her musical support, she broke into the lovely 新谣 (Singapore folk song) "恋之憩" (Love’s Resting Place). We were all amazed by her dulcet pipes, and Peter even joined in the singing from the 2nd half of the song!

Sandy singing a song for Peter

Here’s the lovely song:


Chiou-yun, Justin and I enjoyed performing to the appreciative guests, and we were flattered by their applause and cheers. Our favourites for the evening were Kiss me and You Belong To Me.

if you are a fan of 新谣 (Singapore folk songs) , you’ll love these 2!

This is my favourite – 你的倒影 (Your Reflection)
 邂逅 (Chance Encounter)

What moved me most deeply was when Peter thanked Sandy’s parents for raising Sandy to be who she is, and that ‘it’s really very difficult to find someone like Sandy’. Indeed, the wedding is a celebration for two people who have found a soulmate in each other. Congratulations to Peter and Sandy for finding a resting place in love, and we wish you eternal bliss and happiness! 

Band: Bevlyn, Chiou Yun & Justin

L-R: Justin, Peter, Sandy, Bevlyn & Chiou Yun


Two Words (1st March-in), L-O-V-E (2nd March-in), Grow Old with You, Love, Me, Besame Mucho, Kiss Me, 你的倒影 (Your Reflection), When You Say Nothing At All, Lover’s Concerto, Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World Medley, You Were There, On The Side Of Me, You Belong To Me, Say Yes, 恋之憩 (Love’s Resting Place), 爱很简单 (Love is Simple), Just the Way You Are, Same Side of the Moon, 邂逅 (Chance Encounter), She, Something About You, Everything