Bevlyn’s thoughts: So Hip It Hurts!

This was the coolest wedding I’d ever been to. Firstly, it was held at the swanky and hip New Majestic Hotel, which was recently renovated. It was so new that we could smell the paint drying on the walls! Honestly, I felt privileged to be singing there because it wasn’t even open to the public yet!

There were some hiccups: the sound technician was late and we had to do a very rushed sound check. And I forgot to bring along a music stand! Had to rush off to Plaza Sing to buy one, then head back in time for a quick bite, courtesy of the couple.

When the couple finally appeared, they easily became the centre of attention. Chris cut a dashing figure in his tuxedo and a shiny shirt, while Pris looked gorgeous in a cheongsam and with her hair swept up in a ponytail. Pris’ second outfit was even more amazing – it was a short, stylish dress in BLACK.

I told her at the end of the performance that she was the coolest bride I’d ever seen. After all, who else would wear a black dress on her wedding day?

The food was also another highlight of the evening – it wasn’t the usual Western buffet or Chinese banquet dishes. Instead, there was a wide selection of exquisite finger food, ranging from white chicken meat pieces with wasabe, po-piah, shrimp balls, etc. Yummy!

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Band: Bevlyn, ZQ, Jonathan Ang

Repertoire: Yes Pris, we can tell you love Cole Porter

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Night And Day, Fly Me To The Moon, L-O-V-E, Let’s Misbehave, True Love, C’est Magnifique, C’est Si Bon, La Vie En Rose, Let’s Do it (Let’s Fall In Love), Always True To You In My Fashion

Wedding Tip:

Be creative when it comes to food!

Compliments from Pris:

9 Mar 07

Dear Hsin Yeow,

Times files man!

The wedding was fantastically fun!!! The wedding was so much fun, I wish I can do it again (Oops, I really mean doing it with the same person lah)

Hee, your band did indeed add an elegant touch to my wedding.

Lastly, thanks Bev, I really like your voice! I had strongly recommended your band to my friends who’re getting marry this year.