Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Love Will Find A Way

“37 years ago, a ‘Chan’ married a ‘Lee’. 37 years later, the same thing happened!’ Raymond’s father best summed up the miracles which happened to Raymond and Jasmine’s families. Raymond’s father (a ‘Chan’ from Malaysia), married his mother (a ‘Lee’ from China) 37 years ago. The history repeated itself at Raymond’s wedding, for Jasmine is also a ‘Lee’ who came to Singapore from China. We also heard from Raymond and Jasmine’s colleagues who gave first-hand accounts of how the couple fell in love through work encounters, and believe it or not, Jasmine and Raymond were loggerheads at first! The speeches were very well-coordinated because they made sure one colleague described in English, and the other in Mandarin!

Raymond’s Mandarin may not be excellent, but his attitude is shining. In his thank you speech to his in-laws, he said,”Now it’s finally time to call you ‘papa’, ‘mama’, “我也会努力学习华语...”

But that was not all. Raymond surprised everyone toward the end of the evening by announcing that he was going to sing a song for Jasmine. Choosing a Mandarin song 《爱很简单》only went to further show that he was very sincere about picking up the language. As if it wasn’t tough enough, he sang and played the piano! I had to say, “Bravo!”


There were some great song choices by Raymond and Jasmine, but these are my favourites:

Through The Years (Kenny Rogers)

Indeed, love has found a way with the two of them. We wish them a very joyful and everlasting marriage!

L-R: Bevlyn, Jasmine, Raymond, Daniel, Ian

Band: Bevlyn, Ian, Daniel


From this moment, Come away with me, Kiss of life, Somewhere over the rainbow, Crazy love, Love of my life, Angels brought me here, A moment like this, Through the years, The colour of my love

Everlasting love, A love that will last, Dream a little dream, You are the sunshine of my life, I love you, Marry you, Today was a fairytale, Cheek to cheek, Sway, Fly me to the moon, Just the way you are, Love will find a way, Party in the USA