Bevlyn’s Thoughts: Destiny

Remember this song? It’s not a very contemporary song for weddings now, but I feel that this is still a classic wedding song!
The Wedding (Ave Maria)

And… Ryan and Jessica got me to perform this song for their 1st march-in! What a grand march-in 🙂

We also performed the song ‘Destiny’ for the photo montage…it was a great moment for the band when we ended about the same time as the montage hihi. 🙂

My favourite for the evening was this lovely Mandarin duet. Please consider this song if you’d like something less heard at weddings! 

男人女人 (Man & Woman) 
This is another easy-listening duet – 两个人的荒岛 (Our Lone Island):

Ryan and Jessica’s guests were quiet and shy, hence imagine our surprise when we receive the couple’s compliment (see below). Well, we enjoyed performing the lovely selection of songs too! Here’s wishing you loads of happiness and joy in your marriage. Congratulations!!

L-R: Jerome, Jessica, Ryan, Little Angel, Bevlyn & Matthew

Band: Bevlyn, Jerome & Matthew


花月佳期 (The Wedding) (1st March-in), The Gift (2nd March-in), Destiny, Can’t Help Falling In Love, Always You, 恋爱频率 (Frequency of Love), 男人女人 (Man & Woman), Lost In Your Eyes, 简单爱 (Simple Love), 两个人的荒岛 (Our Lone Island), 一眼瞬间 (In a Moment), 不能承受的感动 (The Affections), When You Tell Me That You Love Me, Way Back Into Love, That’s What Friends Are For, If We Hold On Together, 小酒涡 (Dimples), 情歌 (Love Song), We Could Be Together, I’m Yours, 今生注定 (Destiny), In Love with You

Compliments from Couple:

Hi Bevlyn, Jerome & Matthew,

Thank you so much for the great performance.

When the band started singing for the montage & we were waiting outside the ballroom listening, we really ‘WOW..’ and at that point we were really happy that we have engaged A Little Dream to sing in our wedding & felt that its the most right decision we have made in our wedding planning.. 🙂

But on the other hand, we also felt a little sad because we can’t enjoyed the whole performance, we can only hear from our guest on their comments on which songs they like and so on… 🙁

Really hope that we will have a chance to hear you guys performed again because 听你们唱歌真的感觉很舒服..

Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas & Happy 2011 !

Ryan & Jessica