Bevlyn’s Thoughts: If We Hold On Together

The Hilltop Crystal ballroom must count among the top ballrooms in Singapore with the longest aisle. Andre and Sarah took a nice ‘stroll’ down the aisle for the march-in with friends and families greeting them, and not forgetting party poppers etc.

We love the song selections, which includes the crowd-pleasing ballads, but interestingly, also the quirky songs like:
Flightless Bird American Mouth
The Blower’s Daughter

But none of the above song selection or performance could rival the splendid performance by Sarah’s father. He was a little worried to sing to a ‘live’ band as he’s used singing to karaoke, but he was so good he really had nothing to worry about:

It was definitely a touching moment when he sang ‘花月佳期‘, what a wonderful wedding gift for his daughter!
We were also very touched by Sarah’s surprise video for Andre. 10 years ago Sarah promised Andre she would learn and play a song for him; and on their wedding day, she screened a video of her playing a grand piano, playing that exact song which Andre loves!

Congratulations Andre and Sarah, may you find more joy and bliss in your marriage than ever!

Band: Bevlyn, Jerome, James, Linhui


L-R: Jerome, Bevlyn, Sarah, Andre, Linhui & James


Valentine, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You, Somewhere Out There, A Whole New World, Besame Mucho, You Raise Me Up, 你是我心内的一首歌 (You’re a Song in My Heart), Over The Rainbow, You Are Not Alone, Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, 天天夜夜 (Day & Night)

if We Hold On Together (2nd march-in), Love Story, 心愿便利貼 (Post-it wish), 小酒窝 (Dimples), Flightless Bird American Mouth, Angel, The Blower’s Daughter, There You’ll Be, 月亮代表我的心, Endless Love, I Finally Found Someone, 今天你要嫁给我 (You’re Marrying Me Today)

Compliments from couple:

Hi Bev,
We would like to take this opportuntity to thank you, Jerome and the band for this wonderful performance at our wedding dinner. We have heard alot of compliments from our guests on the band’s performance in that evening
Attached is our pre wedding photos and some photos of the band that were taken by our photographer.
Sarah & Andre