Jonathan’s thoughts: A Rare Find

Yesterday was 08.08.08. Perhaps the most auspicious day of this year.

Sean had planned today’s mission well in advance! He learned piano more than a year ago, and bought a huge diamond ring at the beginning of the year.

Then he booked the venue, hired us and plotted a fake business dinner to lure Serene, his 9-year girlfriend, to the restaurant!

I must say I was very impressed with Sean after our meeting a week before to view the restaurant at Changi Sailing Club. He’s sharp, yet humble. Very sincere and thoughtful. I could tell that he’s a rare find.

That day, I was so nervous after setting ourselves down and observing Sean and Serene across our table. We waited anxiously for them to finish dinner, and for the waiters to clear the table.

Then it was our turn to set the atmosphere right with our music. He requested Besame Mucho, which was Serene’s favorite tune. While we played, Sean changed the tone to reveal his real purpose for the dinner date. He said loving words to her, and surprised her by playing the keyboard. After his performance, he finally knelt down and proposed. Feri said she cried many times in between. Of course, she said yes… 🙂

Sean, thanks for having us play for you! We had a wonderful time playing and we’re glad we could witness your big day.

Band: Jonathan Lim, Feri




Compliments from Sean: Thanks for everything!

Hi Hsin Yeow,

The music provided by Jonathan and your guitarist was wonderful yesterday. They were also most friendly and helpful (Jonathan even brought his own camera and help us took a few pictures as I did not bring mine). My gf (now fiancee) and myself both enjoyed the music tremendously.

Thanks for arranging everything and my apologies to yourself and Jonathan again if I had been a too particular on some aspects of the preparation.

Hopefully I will be able to see you guys again (we are thinking of live music for our wedding. If we proceed with it, we will certainly get you guys :).

Have a good weekend ahead!

Best regards,