Eleanor’s thoughts: Someone To Watch Over Me

In many years of emceeing and singing at weddings, I’ve seen many different styles of celebration, from large, noisy gatherings of family and friends in huge ballrooms, to intimate, elegant luncheons surrounded by lush gardens and bubbling fountains. But beneath all the frills and fanfare, there are a few simple moments that encapsulate what the occasion truly means: newlyweds turning to face their loved ones for the first time as husband and wife, with matching rings on matching fingers and matching smiles of hope and joy; the raising of glasses and voices as family and friends wish the couple well on their journey together.

One such defining moment touched me in particular at the simple wedding celebration of Sherman and Minli at the St Regis poolside. The solemnisation was proceeding smoothly, with a small gathering of loved ones surrounding the couple as the Justice of the Peace led them through the ceremony. However, the proceedings came to a pause when Minli, overcome with emotion, stopped in mid-vow to dry her tears and regain control of her voice. Sherman, a tall, strapping man with a winning smile, bent protectively over his petite wife-to-be, and put a supportive hand on her arm. She nodded to indicate that she was all right.


Meanwhile all else was still; the guests waited in silence, eyes soft with understanding and deep feeling. That quiet moment spoke more eloquently than any words could express of the love and affection that gathered that small crowd of people together for this happy occasion.

I’ve witnessed more solemnisations than I can remember, but I felt a lump in my throat as if it were the first time, and was moved anew by the courage and faith it takes for two people to commit themselves to a lifetime together.

After the solemnisation, the mood quickly took a shift for the lively and humorous, with a group of friends grabbing a guitar and microphones for a special song item.


Then the buffet dinner got underway and the air was filled with the scent of dusk and fine food, and the warm sounds of conversation and A Little Dream’s music. The intimate celebration came to an early close before 9 p.m. as Sherman and Minli were planning to move on to other locations and activities for the more ‘happening’ parts of the wedding festivities.

Congratulations to Sherman and Minli once again, and thank you for letting us be a part of your special evening. Hope you had a marvellous time at Phrase 2 and 3 of your wedding celebration that night!

Band: Eleanor, Spencer, Fabian


Beyond The Sea, Cheek To Cheek, Close To You, Dream A Little Dream, Fly Me To The Moon, Inseparable, It Had To Be You, Just The Way You Are, L-O-V-E, Moon River, Someone To Watch Over Me, Tenderly, Unforgettable, When I Fall In Love, Someone Like You, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, At Last

Compliments: Thank You!

Dear Eleanor, Spencer and Fabian,

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding and for so gamely putting together the repertoire of all our favourite songs! All your effort and performances were really much appreciated.

It’s not easy to be a wedding singer or band, but you guys were fantastic in adapting to the various situations, fading into the background and then popping out to really lighten the atmosphere according to the requirements 🙂 Thanks for playing to our first dance as a couple together! We hope you loved the food too!

Sorry for not having more time to chat with you during dinner!

Hope to have a chance to work with you guys again in future!

Love, Candy and Sherman

*Dear Hsin Yeow, thanks for accommodating all our requests!