Hi everyone!

We’ll be performing in support of Furama Riverfront’s upcoming Wedding Workshop to be held on 18 April 2010. There’ll be live music by A Little Dream, free flow of food and drinks, and you can also attend a talk on Marriage Preparation, all free of charge! All you need to do is to register at albertliew@furama.com and you’ll receive more details on the free admission for this workshop.

Topics for Wedding Preparation Talk include:

1. The important of Building Strong Foundations
2. The Art of Communication
3. Resolving Conflicts
4. The Power of Forgiveness
5. Parent & In-Laws
6. Family Planning
7. Financial Planning
8. Wedding Preparation
9. Ways to enhance the Happy Marriage
We hope to see you then!




Thanks to all the couples who attended the workshop.  Hope you enjoyed the talks and the live music!

Our 3-piece jazz band in action at the wedding workshop

L-R: Jonathan Lim, Richard, Ian