Ariel’s thoughts: Ice Cream

I love the beautiful setting of Mandai Orchid Garden, which is certain to give any couple their dream wedding. With the beautiful orchids surrounding the dinner venue, guests could mingle with one another in a relaxed atmosphere or take their families out for a walk among the flowers. It is truly a treat for the eyes and soul!

Upon arriving at the dinner venue, the band was immediately warmly welcomed by the lovely bridal couple and their coordinators, Zhengqin and June, as well as the sound system providers. Despite having had a long and tiring day, the couple and their helpers went the extra mile to show appreciation for our performance and to ensure that all our needs were taken care of. I was pleasantly surprised when the couple came out personally to thank the band for performing at their wedding. Really, the pleasure was actually ours!

At the couple’s request, the band performed Ice Cream, a refreshing song by Sarah McLachlan for their first march-in. Vicky, the bride, later shared with us that this was one of the couple’s favourite song. I’m guessing it is because of these simple but meaningful lyrics:
Your love is better than ice cream
better than anything else that I’ve tried

The couple also lined up an appropriate selection of beautiful classics and jazz numbers for our 45-min set. Even little kids were clapping along as we sang L-O-V-E and So Nice, while the older folks gave us knowing glances when we delivered classics like Lady In Red and Something Stupid. It really made our day when some guests came over to compliment the band! To be honest, I was personally looking forward to this gig when I learnt that there would be a saxophone (by Raziz) on the set as well as the talented Clarence on the guitar. With a supportive audience and a creative band, I had an unforgettable night, partying, singing and celebrating the couple’s big day!

L-R: Ariel, Vicky, Jasper, Clarence & Raziz

Band: Ariel, Clarence and Raziz

Photos courtesy of Aloysius from 39East. Check out our joint promotion here!


Ice cream (1st march-in), Lady In Red, Anyone At All, Something Stupid, So Nice, L-O-V-E, It Had To Be You, Let There Be Love, Beyond The Sea, The Way You Look Tonight, On The Side Of Me, Way Back Into Love.


Hi Bevlyn,

I think we can safely say the guests enjoyed Ariel, Clarence and Raziz’s performance very much and it made the evening very special for Vicky and Jasper. 🙂

June (friend who engaged band as gift for Vicky and Jasper)