Jo’s thoughts: When You Believe

Singaporeans like to have their weddings in hotels…big ones, boutique ones, brand new ones. So now and then it’s nice to see a wedding that’s not in a hotel, but in East Coast Park!

Specifically, the very beautiful Indonesian couple, Tony and Yenly, elected to officiate their nuptials in the very lovely grounds of Seafood International, smack in the middle of the seaside East Coast Park.

Outside the banquet area, you can stand in a pretty garden complete with little attap village constructs, looking out over a koi pond at a beautiful breezy beach and its happy beachgoers, while eating nyonya kueh from a pretty silver and white cocktail arrangement.

Inside the banquet area, the food is fantastic. Seafood International’s slogan is ‘If it Swims, We Have It’, and indeed, all the swimming things that end up there can at least trust that they will incarnate into something truly divine and delicious.

With seafood, beach view and attap accents, the tropical holiday mood was launched with Tahiti dancers preceding the couple for the march-in…two lovely ladies with leis performed a sinuous and languid summer dance at the hall entrance, and at the end of it, two assistants parted the palm fronds they had been holding before the doors, to admit stars for the evening, Tony and Yenly.

The couple were gorgeous, and Yenly was especially sweet and shy. So while the aforementioned Tahiti twosome launched into a fierce fevered dance later that got much appreciation from especially the men in the audience, it was the couple games that elicited the biggest response.

The Groom had to be blindfolded and led onstage (he was very trusting as I led him up the stairs and around the stage, even when he was close to stumbling…thank you for trusting me!!) and six beautiful ladies had to wait onstage for him to indentify them…by only touching their hands and faces!

Although there was lots of heckling ‘make sure you touch only the face!’ and although at the end of it, the poor blindfolded Tony asked ‘are you sure Yenly’s even among these ladies?’ he nonetheless, when pressed for an answer, replied correctly that she was ‘lady no 4′ on his first guess.

And despite guessing right, the couple still had to perform the forfeit due to popular demand…a long slow kiss and then their first wedding dance. Of course all the cameras and camerapersons ran out at this point.

I was privileged to be the emcee and vocalist for this lovely wedding with the very able Adeline on keyboard! And of course, the couples’ friend, the very gorgeous stewardess-cum-songstress Sin Sin came and sang a few songs to applause.

Thank you Tony and Yenly for letting us be part of this wonderful wedding experience, and may the rest of your lives be as sweet and summery. God bless!

Band: Jo Tan, Adeline


Two Words, I’m Yours, My Destiny, When You Believe, Your Love, Sometimes When We Touch, For The First Time, My Heart Belongs To You, L-O-V-E, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Sway, The Way You Look Tonight, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, My Valentine, A Love That Will Last, Close To You, Just The Way You Are, Dream A Little Dream, If I Ain’t Got You