Emcee (Bilingual): Regine

This is going to be a post full of photos. We have performed at JW Marriot Singapore South Beach many times now, but we had always thought it a remiss that we did not showcase more photos here on our blog. For a ballroom that keeps our jaw opened every time we see it, we should have done this way earlier:

JW Marriott South Beach Ballroom

The couple’s wedding photos, and photo/video montages are blown up to fill the whole screen!

Jw Marriott South Beach Singapore Ballroom

JW Marriott South Beach Ballroom

Check out the lunch menu for this wedding!

Do you see the 2 black vertical strips amongsts the ‘stars’? Those are actually the markings of the ‘invisible door’; some of our couples opt to ‘march-in’ from behind the door (which could be swung open) for their 2nd march-in, thus giving their guests a complete surprise – to begin with, it’s a different direction from what everyone would expect!

And for Kenneth and Baoling’s wedding, the couple opted to have the long rectangular table arrangements at the back of the ballroom for a western feel (for friends), and round table arrangements at the front (for family and relatives). How special!

Our favourite highlight for the wedding celebration though, was that the couple bought each guest a TOTO ticket!! Well, no wonder their instagram hash-tag was #loveangbao 🙂

And the reception area is rather special – the hotel has a luxurious room on the basement level that is dedicated for the cocktail reception.

JW Marriott South Beach Cocktail Reception

Call us crazy, but we even took a photo of the toilet, simply because it is so in line with the hotel’s ‘South Beach’ name and concept (sans a design too corny)JW Marriott South Beach Toilet

JW Marriott South Beach Wedding Emcee

Thank you Kenneth and Baoling for engaging Regine to be your wedding emcee! Catch a quick glimpse of Regine’s power bilingual emceeing here!

Kenneth, Regine, Baoling

L-R: Kenneth, Regine, Baoling